New Controversial Report 17 Cheat Foods that Burn Fat Gets Official Review from

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(PRWEB) December 13, 2012

A new report called, 17 Cheat Foods That Burn Fat was just launched from the supplement company BioTrust. Inside the detailed report are strategies anyone can use to enjoy their favorite foods and still lose weight. This report raised a lot of eyebrows in the fitness industry, so decided to launch a new video to review the report for anyone interested. The report reveals cutting edge studies that show how cheating on a diet with high calories foods like pizza and ice cream can actually help with anyone looking to lose weight. The secret, according to the report, is timing the nutrient intake as well as managing the hormone leptin.

This report reveals how anyone can consume their favorite foods and still lose weight. Its certainly controversial, but the science and data inside the report shows how it all works. Most people do not even understand the hormone leptin and how leptin sensitivity can make an impact with anyone looking to lose weight. Inside the video, I go over what someone can expect to learn by getting this cutting-edge report. Anyone who reads this information will be surprised how their so called forbidden foods can help with weight loss when used in a sensible manner using these strategies. Thats why we decided to launch this new video at We love to share any new new information that can help people lose weight, including eating their favorite cheat foods, said the representative at

Anyone can download the free report at

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