New JumpStart180 Low Impact Program Offers Eight-Week Exercise Solution for Non-active Older Adults Designed by Dr. Siobhan France, DPT

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Riverdale, MD (PRWEB) November 18, 2014

Providing the perfect fitness jumpstart ahead of New Year’s resolutions, the brand-new JumpStart180 exercise program is designed for older adults looking to lose weight, increase strength, heal injuries and improve quality of life. Available now at, the unique exercise program for seniors is both safe and effective.

Developed by Dr. Siobhan France, a doctor of physical therapy, the eight-week program is low-impact and beginner-friendly. The program covers all four components needed for a complete workout program: strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance.

“With JumpStart180, you can get more out of your days while adding more life to your years,” Dr. France said. “Whether you are looking to keep up with your grandchildren, are struggling with post-surgical pain, or simply want to look and feel a little better, this is the ideal low-impact exercise program for you.”

Designed for seniors with ailments, injuries and physical limitations, JumpStart180 is safe for older adults who are looking to become more active as well as beginners who have never exercised before. It supports better balance and greater endurance while helping to heal aches and pains and promote overall health, wellness and independence.

All workouts are 30 minutes and include the following options: Cardio JumpStart, Upper Body Activated, Upper Body Revolution, Lower Body Super Charge, Lower Body Blast, Core and Balance Fuel, and Total Body Adrenaline. JumpStart180 also includes a workbook with details on using the program effectively as well as an eight-week calendar of daily workouts.

“During my career in physical therapy, I’ve worked with many men and women who struggle with simply daily tasks, let alone exercise. JumpStart180 provides a platform for anyone interested in living better and longer, and I’m thrilled to now offer this to more older adults across the globe,” Dr. France added.

About JumpStart180

Developed by Dr. Siobhan France, a doctor of physical therapy, JumpStart180 is an eight-program exercise program designed for seniors interested in improving their fitness level, decreasing injuries and enjoying better quality of life. For more information, please visit

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