New Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Weight Loss Product Said to Shed Pounds for Customers and Increase Sales for Franchisees

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(PRWEB) July 29, 2014

For over 20 years, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition (MMSN) has developed a wide variety of private label nutritional supplements that cater to a myriad of consumers. These consumers range from triathletes to yogis, young adults to grandparents; and their repeat business is based off personal success from the use of MMSN products. The efficiency of each product is attributed to the formulation process, which is driven by science. Each ingredient has a purpose and effectively helps the consumer achieve their personal goals.

Over the years, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition has gained an outstanding reputation for their protein powders. These powders have successfully helped customers increase the efficiency of their workout efforts by gaining the muscle or loosing the fat they have always wanted.

MMSN’s product line also includes a selection weight loss supplements. These supplements are used by most of the company’s MaxFormation Weight Loss Challenge contestants, who have seen incredible results in weight loss and general health. The newest addition to this product group is MMSN’s Cleanse & Lean. Cleanse & Lean is used to jump-start a weight loss plan, promote digestive regularity, and most importantly cleanse the body. The cleansing aspect of this supplement helps to remove toxins from your digestive tract, allowing the body to function as intended. Removing toxins from your body is crucial for mental and physical health, which is why we have seen so many customers using this product who are excited about an increase in energy, improved sleep, a boost to their immune system and glowing skin.

The result of sales from the Cleanse & Lean product have already increased profitability for Max Muscle Sports Nutrition franchisees. Customers are so excited about the effects of this product, and as we all know nothing is better advertising in a store’s community than customer satisfaction and success. MMSN stays on top in its market, continually adding new products such as Cleanse & Lean to increase profitability for its franchisees. MMSN’s President, Mr. Patrick Sanders, has launched an expansion program to triple the size of the store system in 10 years. The company’s goal is to help Americans get healthy, and the more franchised stores they have throughout the country, the easier this will be.

About Max Muscle Sports Nutrition: Max Muscle Sports Nutrition is a 20-year old national franchised retailer of over 200 scientifically-formulated nutritional products and services under its own brand. It was founded in 1990 by Joe Wells’s, former NFL player, and is based in Orange, CA.

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