NutriGold Responds To Dr. Ozs Senate Testimony: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

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(PRWEB) June 30, 2014

NutriGold applauds the Senate initiative to hold Dr. Mehmet Oz accountable for over-the-top claims he has made about unproven weight loss ingredients on his show. As an opinion leader to millions, Dr. Oz’s use of “flowery” language inspires scam companies and fraudsters to market fake products using deceptive marketing on unregulated platforms such as Google and Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) told Dr. Oz, “You are very powerful. With great power comes a great deal of responsibility.” As a company pushing for transparency, responsibility, and integrity in the supplement industry, NutriGold stands with the Senate subcommittee in their desire to protect consumers from any false and deceptive advertising of weight loss products.

At Tuesday’s Senate subcommittee hearing, McCaskill said, “Dr. Oz, I will have some tough questions for you today about your role, intentional or not, in perpetuating your scams. When you feature product on your show, it creates what has become known as the Oz effect, dramatically boosting sales and driving scam artists to pop up overnight using false and deceptive ads to sell questionable products.”

McCaskill reprimanded Oz for using words like “magic weight-loss cure” and “miracle in a bottle to burn fat.” Dr. Oz suggested his use of flowery language was in an effort to give people hope. McCaskill said it was troubling, “…[to] call a product a miracle, [when] it’s something you can buy, and it’s something that gives people false hope.” When Oz said it wasn’t always about scientific proof and suggested many of his viewers also get hope from prayer, McCaskill said, “You don’t have to buy prayer. Prayer is free.”

Consumers lose when the people and organizations they trust choose to squander their integrity in the pursuit of profitability. “The Senate Hearing was a refreshing change of pace from the general lethargy and inaction that plagues the self-regulated nutraceutical industry. Senator McCaskill did more in those 90 minutes to dent the momentum propelling the proliferation of scam activities online than the industry itself has been able to accomplish in the last five years,” said Priya Khan, Director of R&D at NutriGold Inc.

Dr. Oz did clarify that he wants scam companies to stop using his name to sell their products. He also admitted that supplements are just supplements. Oz said, “There’s not a pill that’s going to help you long-term lose weight without diet and exercise.” That is a sentiment with which NutriGold agrees.


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