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(PRWEB) June 12, 2014

Ageing is undesirable yet inevitable. People have long searched for ways to remain young forever in vain. Admittedly, humans can not avoid ageing, nonetheless, they can somehow delay it. In fact, several products have emerged on the market to help people deal with ageing-related problems but few succeed. Therefore, the website abb2u.com has introduced an effective fitness program called Old School New Body. Steve and Becky Holman authored Old School New Body e-book to aid customers in their battle against ageing. They claim that their 101-page e-book will work for men and women of different ages and also note that it is highly suitable for over 35-year-old ones. They are glad about receiving many “thank-you” letters from customers who have been able to reshape their bodies.

Old School New Body e-book serves to teach customers to eat and exercise sensibly so that they can get in shape and look 10 years younger easily. It reveals simple youth-enhancing and weight loss secrets which save customers from strict diets and strenuous workouts. In other words, they do not have to starve or exhaust themselves every day. In terms of eating, the e-book elaborates on healthy daily diets, diet facts and fallacies and how to eat more, burn fat and build muscle at the same time. Besides, it explains why alcohol can work wonders for the overweight. Customers will learn how important alcohol is in their weight loss process, how much and when they should drink alcohol. As for exercising, the e-book offers detailed guidance on The 4X Method or The Focus4 Exercise Protocol which requires customers to do effective workouts in 90 minutes each week. Aiming to help customers achieve fitness and leanness with ease, not exhaustion, these workouts are made easy to follow, with detailed instructions and illustrations.

This above-mentioned information is what the two authors have accumulated from many interviews, personal training sessions and “underground heroes of fitness”. The e-book is backed up with science and research and couched in plain language so customers will not encounter difficulty in implementing its F4X youth-enhancing and body-shaping system. For the time being, the price of the e-book is only $ 20, instead of $ 50 so people should grasp this time-limited offer as soon as possible. Apart from e-book itself, customers of Old School New Body are entitled to receive 10 bonuses, all of which are either in PDF format or MP3 format. Customers can receive full reimbursement if they are not fully satisfied with this e-book. In other words, any person can claim a refund within 60 days of purchase thanks to the refund policy of Old School New Body.

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