On Life After Weight Loss

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On Life After Weight Loss

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MUAY THAI: Total Body Weight Loss Workout with Tyler Peterson–GQ’s Fighting Weight Series

Fighter Tyler Peterson shows Erik Valdez a three-minute total body workout that incorporates a bag for punches and knee strikes. Try it at home to strengthen…


Ryan is cool says:


jack johnson says:

This was awfully bad 

MuslLuvr says:

We have been waiting for more Tyler!! Thank you CQ. You took way to long
to post more of Mr. Peterson…..he is the best of this series….Have him
do a full length video please…I bet he would kick Billy Blanks ASS….

synonymsforoptimism says:

Thanks so much for sharing, Lauren! It’s so true that just losing the
weight doesn’t make you happy! I’ve definitely become too obsessed with my
weight in the past and was miserable at my skinniest because of my mindset.
It’s definitely good to find the weight that makes you feel the most
comfortable in your skin, and then it’s somewhat easier to tune out those
societal voices, because you can stand by what you know is personally good
for you. <3

joellesfails says:

I can relate to a lot of what you said because binge eating has been a part
of my life for a long long time, I used to do it as a kid and it’s still
something I struggle with. I don’t hate my body most of the time, but I
know I wouldn’t be overweight if I had a good relationship with food. What
I found most interesting about the video was when you talk about how
weight/losing weight affects your relationship with people. I’ve lost and
gained weight a few times and I always struggle with attention when I’m
lighter. Anyway, thanks for making this video, it gave me a lot to think

Mena Ramm says:

It is so reaffirming to see a feminist standpoint from the youtube fashion
and beauty community, you are awesome, i love the dialogue you encourage
and seeing you grow and change has been wonderful. As a former fat kid, I
felt everything you said in this video, i am so happy that you seem to have
found strength. You are awesome.

Apn9a says:

Every video you make makes me liking you even more! Weight and what it
means to us, others and to beauty is such a vast and complex topic. I’ve
never been really overweight but I’ve always been more curvy and with more
‘meat” than my friends or family which has made me feel pretty insecure
about my body and I had to deal and still has to deal with binge eating. I
feel the need to control my food and I like feeling hungry because I feel
empowered by it. Now becoming a vegetarian and a vegan really helped me to
enjoy cooking and food in healthier ways but there are still times when I
don’t have an healthy or normal relationship with food. .. Ah that sucks

mariadumdum says:

I looove your intro!

Isabelle Augustine says:

Not to get all gushy and what not… but I’m currently going through this
and I didn’t know how to put it into words, but you just did! I’ve watched
your videos for a couple years and you’ve really inspired me as far as
clothes, crafts, culture (oh haiiii alliteration!) and just overall I feel
like I’ve found someone who understands! It’s relieving to know I’m not on
my own on this… It was just crazy cuz you were talking and here I am just
nodding my head like “yup.. yup… yes… YES! she gets it!” I’m not crazy
about things like this…but I’m tired of feeling over weight… I’m back
to being me, mentally (I had some really rough patches in high school, but
who hasn’t right?)~ and am now working on getting back to being me,
physically! Did you just focus on portion control? or choosing healthy
foods? I’m all for eating fresh and healthy but I’m 18! I want to divulge
in those treats my friends can easily do! Again, I’ve really been touched
by this video, and your perspective on life! 

Imogen Carter says:

I know lots of people have these or similiar feelings but its really nice
to hear someone say them outloud. Thank you for makeing this video. 

Gae S says:

Love this vlog post, Lauren! You are so insightful as you move into

Ognjen D says:

I travel a lot, and I see what the country looks like. It’s women.
Wisconsin and Minnesota fare better in that category. Lauren, you look
sweet and sound sweet too. Please stay away from feminists. I think, that
they teach women to regard all men as jerks. I guess I am a jerk, simply
because I was born male. Also, I have not had the opportunity to meet any
feminists, unless I should count those who wear T-shirt with “Bitch” on it
or those who were just plain rude to me. Not all people were molested by
their dads or their priests. And not all men are evil. And wars are created
and ended by the individuals that are beyond the reach of any human
justice. To me, it looks like the problems and solutions in our society are
made by the same people. I hope that nobody gets offended, and those who
do. Well, take couple of deep breaths. I’ve been to places of Hell, lost
those who were very dear to me. And I never had the luxury of being
worried over small details.

Gab Tap says:

Underrated vid

zeFlowerchild says:

Have you read Peter Pan? Because I feel like you demonstrate to me what
Captain Hook could never exactly put into words to describe “good form.” I
admire that you have convictions strong enough to stand on and that you’re
not afraid to voice them. Every video you post feels so real, genuine, and
chill. In conclusion, you da bomb.

regina rrr says:

I literally come to this video once of twice a month for encouragement 

DigAddley says:

Great video. I do agree with pretty much everything you adressed, but a lot
of the concepts on ‘men’ didn’t relate to me. For example; I started
talking to this girl recently and ended up asking her out, but she said
just as friends, and I was cool with that. So we are friends and I’m taking
it from there, as I don’t expect her to do what I want just because I
asked. And agree completely with the patriachy notion. I only think I have
to pay for things becuase that’s what society has led me to believe, even
though I don’t agree with it. Thanks for reading my rant.

rawjahfromthejungle says:

oh my god i can totally relate to this. your amazing man!

Madison Rankin says:

You’re hair is so beautiful, and thatnk you for this video I love it.

Daphne C says:

I super love this video and its message ♡♡

lomolvr says:

You look like Anna Faris 

Mizbhaven4eva says:

About the point at 7:48-8:30 really got to me and i cried omfg like i’m at
the heavier point in my life and this bit reached out to me so much, you
are amazing, just know that!

Candi Coates says:

I can totally relate I was also fat growing up, even my teens.

Lauren Rose says:

Who watches My Mad Fat Diary…..?????

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