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Paleo Diet

The idea of the Paleo diet has been around for decades, but it’s really taken off over the last couple of years, with a slew of books, blogs, and a prominent podcast espousing its virtues. And no wonder—it has a compelling sales pitch. It’s based on the idea that while humans have been eating for approximately 200,000 years, we’ve been farming for only about the last 10,000 or so. Farming introduced easily produced grains into our society, and bread, pasta, and other starch-heavy and processed foods into our diets. Evolution is too slow, the story goes, for us to have adapted to this new diet. So these “new” foods are responsible for many specific health problems we encounter, as well as a general feeling of un-wellness that most of us unwittingly life with. By returning to the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors, the proponents of Paleo claim, we can restore our happiness, health, and waistlines.

Paleo Diet Recipes

The Paleo Diet – Eggs With Avacado and Salsa
4 eggs
1/2 avocado, sliced
1/2 cup sliced or slivered almonds
4 Tbs salsa
Heat non-stick skillet over medium-high heat.
Beat eggs in a small bowl, and pour into skillet.
Cook for 1 minute and turn heat to medium-low. Finish cooking (about 2-4 minutes longer).
Top with almonds, avocado and salsa.

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Shredded Chicken Recipe:

Salsa Recipe:



We love Tacos but sometimes we’d like something a little more low-carb. Enter the Buff Dude Cauliflower Taco Shell Recipe. It’s the perfect recipe for a Buff Dudes approved Taco!

Buff Dudes / Food / How to make a Low-Carb Cauliflower Taco Shell Recipes
Edited n’ Starring: Hudson
Shot by: Brandon n’ Diane

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Sam Alba says:

I made these cauliflower tacos and filled them with you slow cook chicken
and salsa and topped it off with guacamole. Awesome 

ameer4586 says:

Clean the outside of your oven, the knobs and switches. 

Friendly Franny says:

I love the recipes, but omg your dirty kitchen makes me cringe. I just
don’t know how you cook in there. That stove….

bonnie gardner says:

the stove was filthy the receipt good

Alexis West says:

ew who uses a microwave gross lol

Anuburakable says:

I dont get why people want to keep the carbs low… carbs are healthy and
you dont have to worry about your frikin carb intake if u give it all at
your workouts and if you are not a lazy fuck

Declan Hale says:

Equally you could just use lettuce leaves as the shells… 

Goku Kakkarot says:

Hey buff dudes im ur big fan from India and i want u to publish an Indian
bodybuilding food recipe which is high in protein because not everything
available in India which u shown us.

Alejandra Chubick says:

The recipe is awesome but I couldn’t help myself to look your counters,
stove and oven…everything looks so dirty and greasy. I hope you take this
an advice in a good way. 

Charlotte H says:

Cauliflower protein shake lmao

Alexis West says:

i cant stand how he says CALL -FLOWER lol

Judy M says:

Cool idea, going to do it this weekend . That stove is so old, you guys
should clean little that kitchen lol!! I always cook in clean kitchen and
and make sure water is near me when cooking because get hungry.

Mala Echeverria says:

THOR!! Thank for the recipe 

London Stahr says:

I promise I’m not hating! I can deal with the dirty kitchen because it’s a
dude. But next time please use cheesecloth to squeeze the water out of the
cauliflower! I’m sure that towel is full of detergent.

Jeff DaChef says:

Mainly just getting fiber out of this, most of the nutrients are in that
juice. Down that like a man, then bitch about right afterwards because
cauliflower is nasty shiet! Still a damn good way to cut down on uneeded
carbs nonetheless.

Natalie Sutton says:

Why so many negative comments about the kitchen. The video is not about
cooking in a dirty or clean kitchen, it’s about the recipe. If you don’t
like what you see, move on. Furthermore, following this type of diet is
not for everyone. We’re all very different and require different ways of
dieting and meeting our nutritional needs. For many of us that means low
carb eating. I, for one, appreciate the recipes found here. Thank you.

CLIn7 l33tW00d says:

egg whites in a carton? is this real world?

Moynul Amin Amin says:

Is it just me or do these guys come up with the most creative and best
tasting bodybuilding meals?!

GotLove4MyShoes says:

Ok please clean your kitchen… I wouldn’t eat that… 

sangmt001 says:

just better then me fucking awsome

13abc100 says:

you got talkents

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ownagecrew1212 says:

Youtube deserves to have you

nghienrbc says:

Best video Ive seen in a long time!

been khanal says:

Have you heard about “Shatter Weight Loss”? (Go google it) It is a quick
and easy way to lose weight fast.

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