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In this episode of “Books that Matter, host Melissa Mansfield talks with Alicia Silverstone about the inspiration for her new book, The Kind Diet. A combination of personal anecdotes, health facts and statistics, and tasty recipes, The Kind Diet introduces readers to the benefits of a plant-based diet for people, animals and the planet – all with a sense of humor and fun. For more information, visit:
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dalpaz4 says:

Oh I just can’t wait for this book to arrive, I just ordered it =) I love how Alicia wants to change the views of the word “diet”

GreenGorillaMedia says:

Hi – Sorry we missed your comment when you first posted – thanks so much for linking to the video on Facebook! 🙂

terrellstaten says:

i’m 13 and i just decided to become a vegetarian , i cant wait to get this book !!!

GreenGorillaMedia says:

Congrats! I’ve been a vegetarian for about 9 years. Alicia gives some great background and tips in her book on how to have a healthy and delicious veggie diet. I’d also highly recommend and VegNews for excellent info, recipes and community. ~ Melissa

FM897 says:

I LOVE her and her book!! I made a bunch of these recipes for my family over last winter break and they loved every one of them!

ComfortablyxNumb59 says:

God I love the way she brushes her hair back. Reminds of the her in the 90s lol. 

spikutus says:

One of the things that convinced me to give up meat was the thought that if I had to butcher my own meat, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Especially an animal I had raised myself. When I grew up, we had 4 pet chickens and a rooster. Whenever we came home from anywhere, they would all come running down the hill from the chicken coop to greet us. How could I possibly eat them? Sure, it probably wasn’t “love” as we know it, but something made them want to be with us.

thevegegurl says:

love this book! love the recipes! and fyi – if you can’t find some of the foods in her book, shoporganic has a whole category just for them – just search kind diet on the home page and you’ll find em.

kermit9978 says:

Congratulations! We rule! *high five*

TheCelestial108 says:

Ohhhh – that sounds yummy! I can’t wait to get the book. I’m so excited to get recipes on how to make delicious vegan food so that my mouth can still have some fun too, while I’m doing what is best for my body and the planet. Interesting how nature is so perfect that when we do what is best for ourselves, we are in harmony with our environment. I’m so happy Alicia created this book.

DizzyDior12 says:

What I LOVE about Alicia Silverstone is her no judgement approach with this book. I think that’s the way to go. It just makes vegetarianism and veganism such a POSATIVE instead of a nag or a drag like so many people view it. =]

vegansong821 says:

she is so gorgeous :)

NoonaJuliette says:

I became vegetarian in 13, too

xanthromera says:

Awesome, an actress puts out a book on diet and environment all in one. Perhaps people should be reading books published by scientists on both subjects. Try reading Gary Taubes book which summarises peer reviewed studies, not celebrity fads.

Jennifer Prevost says:

She is so beautiful, but my GOD, she NEEDS NEW SHOES! hahaha Get that girl some killer heels!

Rosy28m88 says:

Thanks to this book I became Vegan, thank God!

coolbake09 says:

being a vegan is not a diet is a life style

drummerlars says:

That thank you at the start from Alicia had me all hot in 2 seconds.. She still is georgous!

omgsianz says:

so this is how natural aging looks like for hollywood stars haha i love you alicia <3

JacobFlores2 says:

I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 4 months. Her book really inspired me to cut animal products out of my life. It’s such a beautiful book.

Going to try being vegan next week. 🙂

MrVeggieman11 says:

Like Alicia I became vegetarian and then later vegan because I didn’t want to contribute to animal cruelty, the health benefits sealed the deal.

caseylarwood says:

god i love her

livingdeadgrl18 says:

she is absolutely gorgeous and what a lovely outfit…with running shoes, i love it!

PeaceZoneEmpowerment says:

The Creator of all that is known and unknown designed the universes and our small corner of existence. Nature is the platform the interactive stage of the design of the Designer. Be kind to yourself and all that exists thereon – start with understanding and practicing kind consumption! Peace

smyth339 says:

The book is amazing!

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