Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: Get A Free Bottle Campaign – Study Shows Green Coffee Bean Extract Tremendous Weight-Loss Effects, Users Concur

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(PRWEB) November 17, 2012

There have been many doubts cast over the efficiency of the Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. For Michael Guerra, however, there is no question about it. Love this Green Coffee Bean Extract! I’m purchasing my second bottle because the results of the first bottle have been fantastic. I’ve lost 6 pounds with this in just 2 1/2 weeks and I feel more energized to get through my workouts. I highly recommend!

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Michael is just one of the hundreds and thousands of people who have come to realize the importance of the green coffee bean extract. This has actually been around for a while now, but it wasnt until it was featured in a TV show featuring medical advice that people really started paying attention to it.

It helps that there was a previous green coffee bean extract scientific study tied to it as well. In a research spearheaded by Dr. Vinson of the Chemistry Department of the University of Scranton, 16 men and women, all overweight, were found to have lost a total average of 17 pounds after 22 weeks of receiving high-dosage GCA, low-dose GCA, and placebo.

What was impressive about this was that none of them had to change anything in their daily regular activities, including their diet. Even more, there were no reported side-effects at all.

As Dr. Vinson explained, the presence of the green coffee extract may have been responsible for all these fantastic results. Because it remains in the unroasted beans, it has some effect on keeping down glucose absorption, thereby lowering the hyperglycaemic peak. This then is what triggers the green coffee extract weight loss effect.

Despite the limitations of the said study, it appears that most people do agree with green coffee bean extract as weight loss product. The outpouring of testimonials in the media obviously supports these findings.

Another of the satisfied consumers is user EricB, over from a popular online shipping companys website. According to him There has been many products online that are supposed to be great for slimming BUT this is different. It is effective and without any side-effects. I enjoy the product and within a very short time its effect is very pronounced and noticeable. I strongly recommend this to anyone that is serious about reducing weight.

Click Here For A Free Bottle of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract

It is with testimonials like his and Michaels that further spread the word on the health benefits which propel green coffee bean extract to even more popular heights. As such, it is important to know as much as possible about it, given the available data. For that, http://greencoffeespecial.com/ is the right place to go to.

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