Rapid Weight Loss with HCG Diet Plan: True Healthy Products Now Offers Free Chocolate That Suppresses Your Appetite

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(PRWEB) December 06, 2012

True Healthy Products, an all natural nutrition company, has been offering their version of the HCG Diet for almost four years for individuals interested in healthy rapid weight loss. For a limited time the company is giving a free bag of their healthy dark chocolate with purchase of the HCG diet, Fat Release System as an appetite suppressing treat. The diet is a 23 to 40 day program that can quickly shed extra pounds from holiday indulgences.

The rapid weight loss HCG diet limited time offer can be viewed on the companys site here: http://www.fatreleasesystem.com

The healthy dark chocolate is all natural and was specifically formulated to help curb the appetite and dampen sugar cravings by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, PhD. Doctor Scott-Mumby considers the development of healthy dark chocolate, clinically proven to lower stress and tension, to be a highlight of his professional career.

The HCG diet, Fat Release System is based on the original HCG diet, Pounds and Inches by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, and incorporates the chocolate for the appetite suppression as well as stress reducing properties. Because The Doctors Chocolate is sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar, it does not slow down the rapid fat loss of this diet. Dieters achieve results quickly with the assistance of the Healthy Dark Chocolate that contains L-Theanine and Suntheanine, which helps reduce stress levels without causing drowsiness.

To learn more about losing weight on the Fat Release System HCG Diet with Healthy Dark Chocolate, which is the ONLY HCG diet that allows you to eat delicious Dark Chocolate, visit http://www.fatreleasesystem.com

True Healthy Products is a nutrition company dedicated to offering the best customer service and latest products that range from all natural sports nutrition supplements, healthy dark chocolate, weight loss programs, revolutionary skin care and whole food vitamin supplements.

For more information on rapid weight loss with the HCG Diet and healthy dark chocolate, visit: http://www.truehealthyproducts.com


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