RAW FOOD DIET JUICER RECIPES – Apple Carrot Parsley Lemon Ginger!

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Apple—Carrot—Parsley—Lemon & Ginger Juice

* I n g r e d i e n t s *
— 3 Apples
— 6 Carrots
— 2 bunches Parsley
— 1 Lemon
— 2 inches Ginger

* P r e p a r a t i o n *
— 1) Run all ingredients through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. http://JUICER.life-regenerator.com

— 2) Add ice if desired, and enjoy!

**** Stream of Consciousness ****
positive thinking
positive thoughts
energy picked up
i feel great
i feel good
i feel energized
i feel alive
my walk was uplifting
am i here to teach you?
no, you are here to teach me!
i learn from it
and i grow from it
i listen to my own advice
these videos have taught me more about health than any of the other videos out there
it was raining, but the clouds parted
the sun has come out even brighter
never give up on miracles!
the miracles are still now today
it is all one giant miracle,
if you get the mind for it!
the whole thing is miracle
you are breathing,
you are alive!
all i see is perfection
so many have parades about what is wrong with the world
but i have everything here to help me grow spiritually, physically & emotionally
but i have total support from the universe
dan, here is the next step
here is what you need to do to keep growing
so keep on growing!
never give up!
so I don’t care about those who may call me skinny,
as I know most of you love me,
and I’m just going to keep on going.
there is one thing I got going,
and that is that I am never going to give up!
I am going to release… all the crap…
the physical, the emotional, the mental…
and not just the personal ego,
but the collective ego as well!
God is not the content of what is on the Earth
God is the infinite field, all the love & the peace
The truth is very simple, my friends
The Universe will guide you…


Love, Dan
Video Rating: 4 / 5


Alex Kozlowski says:

Hey to answer your questions he doesn’t eat meat because it is difficult
for us to digest because we don’t have a digestive tract suited for meat.
Carnivores have a short digestive tract relative to humans and extremely
acidic digestive juices. Because humans have a longer tract, the meat goes
rancid and rots inside of it, clogging the colon and causing a plethora of
health issues. Grains are just mucous-forming in general and they contain
anti-nutrients that leach nutrients from the body. Peace

dyamondeye says:

Love your videos, love them. The only thing that bothers me, is that the
volume is some what low. I can barely hear what you are saying. Keep up
what you’re doing, great stuff!

EshenbaughRacing says:

Do you burn yo?

mjs1231 says:

Every vegan looks weak and tired, or like they are on a false boost. Eat a
steak with a1 once every few days. U will sleep better and weight will
still come off. Has no effect as long as you dont overdue it. BEEF, ITS

Shelley McKendrick says:

Super GREAT Video, thankyou so much…

Jared Crouse says:

your body is soo hot.

TT Supra says:

I just doing juicing I feel great, my alopcia areata is clearing up.

Angelwise11 says:

Ordered my Breville yesterday :). You’ve changed my life Dan. Thank you
from the bottom of my heart. God bless you always! Ev

tblaney83 says:

I love this! Thanks for sharing!

seemedsoperfect says:

Is this Jesus on earth telling us about juicing? hehe (I’m thinking about
juicing to lose weight only)

DubGongTuff says:

Hippie finally juices at 7:55

STATUSthesleepers says:

i like your videos and your recipes but your comment about not knowing
whats up with people parading about things that are wrong with the world.
There are many things that are wrong with the world and that impacts human
life negatively and we as fellow human beings should care about that.

Jared Crouse says:

your body is soo hot.

kemetpowernow says:

hey can I ask question where you get juicer attachment from where the juice
is coming out i have that juicer but the company dont sell that attachment
on the juicer help thanks

camius1 says:

dude,,,,just make the fuckin juice,,,smh

jack black says:

the comments on this are hilarious!. Just make the juice (ohh so true)
Hippy finally juices at 7:55 bahaha thats the last 20 seconds of the vid

Rebecca Santana says:

You speak of Jesus. You look like Jesus. Lol!

deepesh sharma says:

Have you heard about “Xylphlike Fat Loss”? (Google it) It is a quick way
to get rid of fat fast.

michael denvir says:

good vibes, man. thanks!

Chhewang Sherpa says:

you are great,, cheers buddy.

hyedenny says:

Weirdo dirtbag. How’s that for “uplifting?” …AND PUT YOUR SHIRT ON!

David Van de Goehl says:

Awesome! I love the truth 🙂 Great juice recipe <3

Love ya! <3

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