Recipes for hCG Diet – Veal Florentine

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Hey everyone! Here’s another great recipe for Phase 2 of the hCG Diet. Let me know what you think! Please leave your comments below.

Thank you!

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Video Rating: 5 / 5


David Roberts says:

youtube has a new star!!!!!!

carrytandel says:

i can w8 for your upcoming videos you are master

Sara Sanders says:

awesome video man? you should upload more of these!

jhonny smith says:

amazing, i’ll tell you if ive lost weight. hahaha XD

John Soundsys says:

real good video

Krimi Komana says:

wow i showed this to all my friends

Peter Jan says:

amazing video!!!

CarrieCrowder326 says:

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Alfred Gabrillo says:


AJShoemaster says:

Didnt know to much about this diet before but after watching this i feel
informed. Thank you for the amazing video man

Constantinescu Andrei says:

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Whisper ASMR) de la Asmrer

Smallafro Games says:

Cool video dude! thanks! keep up the awesome work!

MagiXMySteRy says:

this was incredible!!!

ImZwix says:


TheSleepStation says:

no its over! I want more!

Ur Ma says:

Nice video, loved it, subbed and liked. Seems good.. 😉

Vitality says:

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amudko says:

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Gyansoline Lama says:

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Rumana Akhtar says:

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stepharoo85 says:

Sounds delicious, was that really only 100 grams of veal? I’ll have to give
this a shot. Yum!

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