RundleFit Adds New Trendier Services to Their Workout Anywhere, Home Training System

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(PRWEB) December 11, 2013

RundleFits home workouts, travel workouts and anywhere training system was developed as a resolution from personal weight loss goals. In 2007, Justin Rundle of RundleFit weighed close to 270 pounds and had just ended a collegiate career of football, filled with power lifts and typical collegiate strength training routines. Justins lifestyle had rubbed off on Jessica Rundle (cofounder of RundleFit and Workout Anywhere) and their journey was well underway.

With an already blooming passion for health, fitness and nutrition, as well as an enriched health science education, Team RundleFit was fascinated with interval training and metabolic circuits. They already were well traversed with speed, agility and plyometric movements, but the combination of those along with total body strength training exercises was wildly appealing. The drawback was solving how this philosophy could adapt to the demands of the average American’s ability level and hectic lifestyle. Using this mindset and time frame, Justin and Jessica Rundle were able to develop their highly effective 30-minute and even 15-minute, fat burning workout system between training clients and lunch breaks. The results that followed were truly remarkable.

The results of RundleFits metabolic training circuits were amazing. This was the lightest amount of exercise Justin and Jessica Rundle had ever committed to within a day. Generally, they were used to hours of exercise, but could not outwork their diets. As soon as Justin and Jessica committed to their new programming and better, cleaner, leaner, well-rounded nutrition habits, weight loss was almost effortless. This was not only the result for Team RundleFit, but results were the same for the masses of clients in RundleFits tenure of training.

Even better was the smart training concept added to every clients fitness goals. Justin and Jessica have trained numerous clients who experienced exercise burnout from lack of fitness level options, or a loss of direction from trendy home workout programs having a get fit quick end date. By applying these principles on top of their insanely effective metabolic circuits, they devised the ultimate all-level home workout training system.

Workout Anywhere by RundleFit is the true end to fitness trends. Their workouts range in lengths of eight minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the chosen workout. As well, there is a growing list of over 50 workouts, fitness challenges, total core training sessions, all-level nutrition programming, interactive fitness community and real interaction with real life coaches and trainers Justin and Jessica Rundle.

In all, RundleFit addresses exercise burnout and creates healthy lifestyles over short, unsustainable fitness highlights. Dont just workout, workout anywhere with RundleFits all-level, fat burning home workout training system.

Try it for free at Workout Anywhere.

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