Running to Lose Weight – Three Tips

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Running To Lose Weight – If you want to read a bit about my three pronged approach, here it is.

1. The first step to Run to Lose Weight is start running!

2. The second step is to increase the intensity of your runs. If you have a limited amount of time for running, then run faster or do some different types of workouts for your run.

3. The final step is to watch what you eat. The Tips4Running running to lose weight plan suggest that you eat more fruits and vegetables, but less of everything else.

I hope these tips help. Now get out the door, and go for a run.

Happy Trails – Coach Tief.
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Tips4Running says:

If you are using me as an example, then no. You can’t. Just take solace in
the fact that your incredible masculinity will be proudly on display
whenever you aren’t wearing a hat.

francesca brint says:

Great tips.

emcdow2 says:

Great tips. Thanks!

calvin kodisang says:

thank you

Tips4Running says:

To all the spammers that keep commenting on this video. Stop it! No one is
going to buy your weight loss product that probably is a festering piece of
garbage. They are here to watch a video for free.

jestalk1 says:

Very informative, I’m doing the tough mudder in May. This will be my second

Dan Croft says:


S Gomorrah says:

can i run to stop going bald? 🙁

Gloria Stephanie says:

Seriously how people are so in mature and rude these days. He’s just trying
to help and give us some tips and advice. People just waist they’re time
with their stupid comments. But anyways thank you so very much
Tips4Running, I am so glad that I saw your video because I definitely
needed help on my running. So now I’m going to try out these tips to see a

Marivee P says:

Thanks for you tips! Very well done

TheAbStand says:

Running is one of the most common exercises people do to lose weight.
Really liked your first tip, to be consistent. Really important to stay on
track for the long haul in order to see results.

Tara Bialek says:

I really loved your clip. Hope to connect more on here & maybe you’ll take
a look at some of my clips. Blessings to you. – Tara

mi channnal says:

Weight is 80% diet 20% exercise One mile equals one slice of bread

msdeepz88 says:

thanx for sharing 


Simple as 3 easy steps great video dude!

Gustavo Luiz Souza Pereira says:

100% mind, if u dont convince yourself that u need a change, you won’t get

Lillayy Byrr says:

oh i gain weight… stupid muscle… i legit hate it!! I look like I am 300
lbs but i am only 100 lbs but my muscle is UGLY 

dionne phoenix says:

Thank you for your tips! straight to the point great video! 

Rafael1094 says:

Thank you 🙂 

Inu blagojevich says:

I subscribed because the girl in the fleece coat.

Josh Sarwono says:

This channel should be called No Bullshit Running Tips!! Thumbs up

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