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Simple Paleo Diet ▻▻ Simple Paleolithic diet plan is completely nutritional rooted on the devised diet of homo sapien man. I…
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Recipe included in my new low carb, gluten free cookbook, Low Carbing Among Friends. Please check it out at our website @ ** In…
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Kent Altena says:

@hdyhhfdg How I typically figure out what a serving is for my dishes, I
look at how many servings the whole recipe makes and then cut out the
pieces. It would be similar to cutting a pizza. If you knew there were four
servings in a pizza, you could cut it into quarters. There are 8 servings
in the entire recipe, so I divided it into 8 portions. If you divide yours
differently say 4 or 6 servings, take the numbers I have, multiply by 8, &
then divide by number of servings.

Kent Altena says:

@hdyhhfdg Perhaps different site has different nutrition info for some of
the ingredients. Jicama can vary widely for size.

Kent Altena says:

@Robind0514 No problem! I am glad you liked the recipe.

hdyhhfdg says:

And your “total carbs (2.1 fiber) what does that mean??? that means 2.1 net

loribelt24 says:

that looks absolutely delicious now have to find jicama and your other
video breakfast is not the easiest always the same thing so thanks for
sharing that one.

AFeeeh says:

wow it is good

danie142009 says:

i just made this and finished eating it like 10 minute ago. IT WAS

Robind0514 says:

That looks amazing, thanks for the great ideas Kent!

Kent Altena says:

@loribelt24 I am glad I could help. Thanks for watching!

Kent Altena says:

@Dlgillen This one is so easy and very delicious. I am always on the look
out for new breakfast recipes. Let me know how it turns out for you.

Kent Altena says:

@Blueyeshining Yes it is. Just a tip whenever I post a recipe video, if I
put (IF) in the title, the IF stands for Induction Friendly. That way you
can easily look through my recipes and find which ones are or aren’t.

Kent Altena says:

@HairloungeNmore Well after my recipe block (similar to writer’s block), I
would have thought people might have caught up. 🙂

Kent Altena says:

@hdyhhfdg “Nutrition Information per Serving: 420 Calories, 32g Fat, 6.6g
Total Carbs (2.1g Fiber) , 22g Protein” No, what it means is just like a
nutrition label on the food label. The total carbs per serving is 6.6g, and
if you follow the net carb formula that Dr. A suggests, you take the total
(6.6g) subtract the fiber grams (2.1g) to equal the net carbs. (4.5g)

Kent Altena says:

@fl90gh It was about 4 video called “Atkins Diet Recipes: Low Carb Jicama
Chips.” Really peeling it is as easy boiling it to remove the wax (if
covered) for 5-10 minutes and loosen the skin. Then using a vegetable
peeler to remove and discard the outer skin. Once the outer skin is
removed, then continue to use the peeler on the inside.

Kent Altena says:

@Yourpleasure721 I hope you can find it — I can usually find it by the
potatoes and yams.

allsummersingle says:

Wow. That seriously looks amazing. It’s 1:40am and I could sooo eat that
right now. 🙂 Delicious.

p00j2620 says:

I made this today and it rocked! Having leftovers for breakfast again
tomorrow 🙂 I had never tried jicama before, but it was damn tasty. Thank
Bowulf for another delicious meal 🙂 Next up is your taco bake.

hdyhhfdg says:

Kent I just cooked this recipe today!!! and it tastes DELISH!!! and it
fills me up! I could eat this for lunch and dinner too! My only main
concern is, how do I track the carbs in this meal?? I used just as much as
you put, only I split half mozzarella and half cheddar. How big of a slice
do you eat and how do you know how many carbs are in that slice since
there’s all sorts of meats and veggies and cheeses??? Please tell me! Thank
you! and LOVE your recipes! You’re great!

angeleyes3124 says:

Seriously Kent…you rock! Only thing I would do, add bacon or substitute
bacon for the sausage. I -3 bacon. I know what I’m making Sunday morning.

souza777 says:

I made this & it was my first recipe try!! it was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you
for the videos, keep it up Kent!!!!

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