Skinny Protein Shake | Diet Tricks

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Skinny Protein Shake | Diet Tricks

Please sub us at: WOW!!!!! I guess you guys get 2 video’s today! I started uploading and went to bed because it was past 1:00 am, and…. Upload aborted. UGH. Im sorry- totally my fault. I think the universe is trying to see how hard we are willing to work for our 30 vids in 30 days. We are not giving up!!! We have had several requests about more nutrition tips! Here is one of them, there will be more to come. This is one of our favorite protein powders, we have been loving it! This is our simple way that we start our day and get our metabolism going! I mean besides our coffee 😉 Let us know what protein powders you’re loving!!! LOVE MM&L xoxo Sorry again for the delayed upload!!!! See you guys tonight 🙂 WANT MORE?! FOLLOW US HERE: The NEW MM&L Facebook Fan Page: MM&L Twitter: MM&L Instagram: mmandlshow
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xsugarbelle says:

Thank you for the info! I will definitely check it out and let you know if I have any questions – Im looking for a great tasting whey powder and vanilla cake sounds pretty luscious to me 😉 blessings xx

gr8fulgirl7 says:

Have you ever tried PB2? It’s peanut butter with the fat and oil removed ~ it’s powdered. 2T only have 45 calories. They also have a PB/ chocolate. I love adding it to my protein drink w/o added fat & calories. Love the magic bullet also.protein!

ohhitstheshizz says:

makeup tutorial!

MsTheBow says:

THAT my dear…was edge-u-kaytional!

Brookes blondereality says:

Make more videos like this!


mPlusBdiaries says:

This was so helpful. Vids on lunch/dinner/snack ideas would b amazing!!!

IsisTiamat says:

Thank you wonderful Laura. This is a great tip. :)) And yes, I too want a protein shake that doesn’t make me hungry 5 mins later :)))!

beachbum285 says:

I love the nutrition vids!! You lovely ladies are so insightful and real!!!

couturemomnyc says:

I have a protein shake every day and it really does help with getting that meal in and sustaining the appetitte…thx for the video, xxx

LifewithStaceyD says:

yayyyy I was SOOO happy to see ya’ll in my sub box today!!!!!!

LifewithStaceyD says:

Ya’ll’s FB link says Page Not Found =(

desertwomantucson says:

I meant to say- add pumpkin.

Candace Monteleone says:

K so where do u get this protein powder from??

beautywithkendra says:

Loove it

Megsbeautyx0x says:

Adding fruit to protein is probably the worst thing you can do!! Your body metabolizes any fructose before any protein therefore you’re pretty much just absorbing the sugar from the fruit and no protein! If you’re going to eat protein eat it about 2 hours before you have any fruit or else it’s just gonna go into the toilet my friends!

juli grlee says:

Love to see the details of your prep. Where did you get the mix equipment?

kate10011125 says:

love the hair & makeup today laura! you look EXTRA beautiful in this video 🙂

Diamonds0025 says:

Where do you get those tops from? With the hole for your thumb….I love them.

Jessie Reid says:

Where can I find the protein powder? Thanks ladies!!

jadoreparis02 says:

Just make sure its whey protein concentrate….not whey protein isolate…..the isolate protein is toxic!!!!

subrata dash says:

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subrata dash says:

My coworkers laughed when I told them I was going to get rid of fat with Atomic Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Go google Atomic Fat Loss to see their reaction.

bevhills1 says:

Ladies….this stuff is amazing!! I just ordered it online… And I LOVE IT.. NO IKKY TASTE!!!!!!! Honest Thanks Laura!!!!! Youtube/BEVHILLS1 Xo Carol

Sujan Sapkota says:

If you want to get rid of fat quickly, you should do a google search Zippy Fat Loss. That might help you get the body you deserve.

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