Sonakshi Sinha Diet Plan, Weight Loss & Exercise Routine

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Sonakshi Sinha shares her secret of Weight Loss.

Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, brain performance and enhanced longevity

Ketogenic Diet for weight loss, brain performance and enhanced longevity In This Episode, You Will Learn: ketogenic di…
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George Laramore says:

Just to let you know: A Doctor in the 40’s I believe found this out and won
a nobel Prize

George Laramore says:

The ROOT CAUSE of CANCER-Nobel Prize Winner Dr.Otto H Warburg

Mike H says:

Best advice I have for a Keto diet is.

Drink olive oil
It helps prevent Bone loss
Improves HDL/LDL levels. It’s a very healthy oil
Fairly quickly converted to energy. Easy way to keep up your ratios.
Just pour a bit into a glass with some water and swirl it, then gulp it
down EZ

Use Lite Salt (50% potassium/sodium)
You need extra in Keto. I carry Lite salt with me everywhere.
Don’t be afraid to use plenty. You will be surprised how much you need in
Rapid pulse=take lite salt periodically till it subsides
Stay hydrated

Take Selenium

Take a Calcium/Magnesium suppliment daily

Take Potassium Citrate. It lowers your PH and helps prevent Kidney stones

Eat less protein unless you are working out
Stay hydrated

It takes time to get over the adaption phase.
You can get through it faster by cutting all carbs/sugars and fasting
Drink olive oil. Pay attention to calories though.
Limit Protein intake
You will be starving during it. Get used to it
You will get light headed
You will be exhausted
you will feel like crap

Buy stool softener (Docusate Sodium)
Take periodically to prevent constipation
YES it is important

Eat plenty of low carb vegetables or take a varied green suppliment.
I use a blender often and make green smoothies. Great way to get easy greens

Avoid Soy. Use all natural peanut butter.

Read ingredient labels.
Avoid Dextrose.
Look stuff up. So much crap is in foods these days. Try to avoid it.

Depending on the severity of falling off the bandwagon it won’t be as bad.

Take a hard look at your diet and possible holes in it.
Suppliment as needed.

Eat red meat. Keto needs Carnitine. It’s not critical but you should eat
beef a few times a week. Think Hamburger.

If you have any problems you can find help online at various nutrition
Trust but verify. Keto is serious business. Look shit up.

pazzo2012 says:

Is there any concern that all this fat in the long term will result in
atherosclerosis or other serious medical conditions? Is there any long term
evidence that this is safe?

Is anyone on this diet taking any supplements like amino acids or vitamins
to make up for nutritional deficiencies or can they recommend what to take
while on it?

Linda Scott says:

Is this really a life-long diet plan? Haven’t heard anybody specifically
say that.

Joel Garland says:

good stuff

Ginger tea Mix says:

Absolutely BRILLIANT interview.. Thank you Ameer and Dominic…truly
appreciate it..UK

Stan Rodgers says:

What levels of ketone should one have while in ketosis. Blood test levels
of beta hydroxybutyrate?

Kathie Fleming says:

I’ve been on Ketogenic plan for 2 weeks. Fat 70%, Carb 7%, Prot 23%. Less
than 20g carb. I track and weigh all my inputs so I’m sure about my grams.
Calorie intake is about 1000.
227lbs, Type 2 DM an fasting BS still high 180-210 and stays the same all
day after meals. On Metformin and stopped insulin.
Feel fine now, harder to walk at 2.5 miles/hour rate.
Bedtime BS 150 , 3am 135, 8am 202 this morning. I believe my liver dumps
glucose every morning, I’ve had a continuous glucose monitor show me that.
I’m walking 40 mins to increase insulin sensitivity.

Why are my fasting BS still high? I believe I still produce insulin because
when I have taken PO diabetic meds the glucose does go down.
How can I get my glucose down?
How can I shut off my liver glycogen dump?
I would appreciate your input.

barry mclaughlin says:

keto is the shit i feel amazing on this diet i can actually see my abs for
the first time in my life

Nawal Taamir says:

It would be a shame if you did not melt fat when other normal people burn
fat easily using Fat Blast Furnace (Look it up on google).

Bollywood Uncut says:

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