Strategic diet schedule is part and parcel of your fitness exercise programmes

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Entering 2011 this year many of my colleagues and friends made resolutions, of which most of them were on taking care of their health, workouts, and gyming. I found no new thing in it because they were already taking sessions for those. Still many of them were not happy with results of whatever they are doing. It sometimes makes me wonder that in spite of all the pain taken why still a disappointment? Then I closely observed that most of them are rigorous workaholics and at time working long hours at the office, in the absence of physical activity, deprive one psychologically, physically and emotionally. So when they don’t get time they take to fast foods or what is called these days as junk foods like pizza, burgers, spaghettis etc.

Besides being advised through trainers who conduct fitness exercise programs at their gyming sessions, somehow people find it extremely difficult to maintain poise between their exercising and diet. A very typical psychology most of them have is that why not eat now and workout more to compensate the effects. In such compensations all the necessary efforts taken to keep a balance and remain fit goes down the drain. I would like this time to share some facts regarding this misconception.

Glucose is the fuel our body prefers to use. Carbohydrates convert to glucose after eaten. Whatever glucose that is not used will be stored in the muscle and liver as glycogen. But the muscles and liver can only hold approximately 400-600 grams. So, whatever glucose that is not stored in the muscle and liver will be stored as fat.

Now, the stored fat will only be used IF there is no glucose floating around in the system. If you have eaten a whole pizza today then, believe it or not that will be stored as fat. Then you go to sleep. You wake up the next morning and have a carbohydrate based breakfast or lunch like a bowl of cereals. You have now given the body its preferred fuel the carbohydrates which turns into glucose so it won’t touch the stored fat from the pizza the day before. However, if you had eaten protein/fat meals instead, then there is no glucose in your system.

Now you’re forcing your body to use the stored fat as fuel. You would be burning that whatever glucose is in that cereal meal. Now if you had eaten an egg omelet instead, that is a different story. An egg omelet has hardly any carbohydrates, thus hardly any glucose for your body to use as fuel. Our body uses these substrates preferentially if present in our system: first the alcohol, second glucose (carbohydrates), thirdly amino acids i.e. proteins and then fats. That is why losing body fat is so difficult. It’s LAST on the list of our body to use.

Diet and exercise is essential for the working individual. They help in relieving you of the stress symptoms, related to work, some of which include heart attack, back problems and pain in the joints. A full body workout helps in keeping a high metabolism rate, if you’re dieting while working. Like dieting, it also offers a lending hand in reducing the excess body fat in the working individual. So you have to be very careful in deciding what you eat if you have taken a fitness program, as you would not like all your efforts simply wasted for that decision.

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