Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp Offers Pre-Opening Fitness Boot Camp Special

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Strongsville, OH (PRWEB) October 11, 2014

The community’s newest fitness resource will be unveiled this week, with Fit Body Boot Camp Strongsville opening the doors to its fitness boot camp. Owners’, brother and sister team Brett and Alex Kastor, are excited about their scheduled opening and the opportunity to help their Strongsville neighbors achieve their health and fitness goals.

“We feel really blessed to be healthy, happy, vibrant and loving life,” says Brett. “The natural course for us is to help others feel the same way. We are thrilled to be a team working together on transforming lives.”

The fitness boot camp is part of the international Fit Body Boot Camp franchise, known for its intense, thirty-minute fat-burning workouts, which combine high-intensity interval training with functional resistance exercise for building muscle while shedding fat in an incredibly short time.

The boot camp method of working out and staying fit held a lot of appeal to the certified trainers Brett and Alex, who have a lifelong history of enjoying athletics together.

“Growing up, we snowboarded together, played tennis, sparred each other in karate and were always testing and pushing each other to new limits,” says Alex. “Along the way, we became dedicated to taking care of our bodies since we both realize the importance of health. Now, we’ve turned our passion into a full-time dedication to working with others who want to improve themselves.”

The Kastors are quick to add that, while their workouts are intense and demanding, they’re also fun and uplifting. “We work really hard, but we also have a lot of fun,” says Brett. “Exercise does so much more than burn calories. It gives people confidence physically, emotionally, and mentally. There is proof right inside the doors of our boot camp. We like to have fun and bring that energy into everything that we do.”

To celebrate the opening of their fitness boot camp, Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp is now accepting early enrollments and offering those early birds a special deal. Early enrollees receive a special fat-burning nutritional plan, a special report on incredible abs and a book on the most effective fat-burning foods, plus get four boot camp sessions for just $ 29.

“This is a great way for people to try us out, see how great the workouts are and how much fun it is to work out together, without making a commitment or spending much money,” says Brett.

The Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp is located at 11865 Prospect Road, Strongsville, OH and will hold boot camp sessions from early morning to late evening. Those interested in signing up for the special fitness boot camp early enrollment deal are urged to do so quickly as it is only available for a limited number of spots.

About Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp

Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp is part of the Fit Body Boot Camp family of indoor fitness boot camps, whose global goal is to engage 20% of the world’s population in a healthy and fit lifestyle by the year 2020. Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp is owned and operated by Brett and Alex Kastor. Brett and Alex are committed to helping members of the Strongsville community set and accomplish their own health and fitness goals.

For more information about Strongsville Fit Body Boot Camp, please call (440) 467-1040, visit the website at or their Facebook page at


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