Study Shows How Different Diets Affect Different People

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(PRWEB UK) 20 January 2013

With hundreds of diets available in the market today, UK entrepreneur Astan Morarji decided to setup Differ Diets to tailor an online weight loss solution to the individual dieter.

To prove the companys philosophy; Different Diets For Different People, Differ Diets conducted a 6 week study of 15 participants who all had varying needs and requirements.

Although this was a small study, it was crucial that everybody had a different diet and we could control exactly what they were eating and drinking, Morarji explained.

We looked into 15 people who had expressed an interesting in joining Differ Diets but all had varying requirements; some wanted to cook, whilst others didnt want to exercise and a few wanted cheat days.

Differ Diets ensured that every dieter had a different diet that suited their needs and requirements.

After 6 weeks, the results were astounding:all of the participants lost over 10 pounds each, the largest weight loss being 19 pounds.

However, to prove their point, Differ Diets paid these participants to give their diet program a twist.

Morarji explains:

We then told all of the participants that they were to follow a generic diet program for another 4 weeks- essentially their diets were no longer different.

The results proved the companys philosophy; only 2 of the dieters continued to lose weight, 5 gave up completely and quite shockingly the other 8 gained between one and four pounds.

This shows how different people require different diets. A generic diet program that has the one size fits all policy will not always work.

Differ Diets are now looking at conducting a study on a wider scale.

For the full details of the study, including confirmation of the food and exercise journals of the participants, please contact us.


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