by Fig4All The Grapefruit Diet is a very low calorie diet destined for people who want to lose weight fast, let’s say 10 pounds (about 4.5 kilograms) in 12 days. Don’t even think of following [More]
by MEDUSA JEWELLERY The Ornish Diet, also known as the Life Choice Diet, was created by Doctor Dean Ornish. He is widely known for his lifestyle-driven approach to the control of coronary artery disease (CAD). [More]
by kahala The Okinawa Diet was created by Makoto Suzuki. It is based on the nutritional habits of people who live in the Ryukyu Islands including the city of Okinawa in southern Japan. In the [More] – Paleo Diet Menu… ALSO TRY AND -Get All The Best Paleo …
by Earthworm The Mayo Clinic Diet was created at the world famous Mayo Clinic. In this diet women eat a maximum of 1200-1600 calories a day depending on weight. Men eat a maximum of 1400-1800 [More]
by Paleo-Crossfit-Omnivore-Lowcarb-NonVegan-Meat-Diet The Cretan Diet has been inspired by the traditional foods of Crete, which is one lovely Greek isle. This diet is based on a regime rich in vegetables, fruits, grains, olive oil, some [More]
by Old Shoe Woman The Paleolithic Diet is based on the nutritional habits of Homo Sapiens about 130 thousand years ago. In those days people lived from hunting, fishing, and gathering, and also agriculture and [More]
Seattle, Washington (PRWEB) November 05, 2012 Just in time for the busy holiday entertaining season, BigOvens highly popular free cooking apps for iPhone, iPad and Android now include complete menus for special occasions and everyday [More]