Thanksgiving Workout / Bodyweight Circuit — Intermittent Fasting Training Vlog 8 (22 November 2012)

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This is an impromptu bodyweight circuit I threw together. I’m off work today because it’s Thanksgiving, and the kids were driving the wife crazy while she was trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner (picture at the end of the video). So I took them outside and incorporated them into the workout. Hope you enjoy! Neither make nor accept excuses–train on.
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Tyler Reeves says:

Could I use cashews instead of almonds?

joerslick1 says:

Great vids man

leanbodylifestyle says:

Probably no new videos for awhile…
I’m honestly not sure how many people see these, but if you do…please subscribe to my other channel. There’s a link in the description. I’ll make a video explaining things soon.

joerslick1 says:

Great video

buda baap says:

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sajdsjdsjkgds says:

dude i’m so glad i found your channel…finally you show everyone that a diet for body building can taste really nice, a rare thing with all these plain salads that everyone tells you to eat

Orpoon Ahmed says:

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akbuilder73 says:

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Suraj Singh says:

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hotelguyloser says:

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maha sabry says:

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LuminuxW says:

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TheMuzzzzzz says:

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guerillakidd says:

Wish i had my own personal chef that i did not have to pay.

rijesh shrestha says:

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IceCreamFitness says:

Fasted depletion workouts before any holiday big out fest is the way to go imo. I adviced on my face book that people do high rep back and leg work even if just pullups and home and body weight squats. LoL

TheJasonYamamoto says:

that’s cute

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

This was my second time through the circuit. I only made it through one more because my wife got tired of hearing me yell at Hayden for counting reps at the wrong time and stretching the neck of my shirt out… LOL.

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

Thanks, brother. Got to get the kids involved early!

crodcrod says:

Also a good reason why to have kids

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

Weights that get heavier as they get older and you build more muscle–good point… LOL!

EldinGetsAbs says:

Like your style how you use the environment to work out!

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

Glad you liked it!

realdealfreedom08 says:

Really cool video!

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

Thanks for checking it out. My kids were so excited to be in one of my videos. They are making me read everyone’s comments to them. LOL.

Tim Mackay says:

It’s great having a counter on your back! I do bench presses – use the 4 year old for the warm up then the 7 year old for the working set! and the best bit is the weights put themselves away… Nice vid, still got a smile on my face

HodgeTwinsTribute says:

Nice! Thanks for watching. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Another plus for the biological offspring weight system is that the weights get heavier as they get older, so you don’t have to keep buying new weights. 😉

BodyFittness says:

nice video men :)

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