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(PRWEB) January 22, 2014

Being a versatile woman, Jenny Gibson works as a web designer, illustrator, art director, editor, and project manager. She has spent the past 18 years teaching the secrets of her drawing skills system to over 2,000 students, teachers, businessmen, designers and illustrators in Australia. As a drawing teacher, she hopes to make drawing easy for everyone to learn. As a result, she has written the book The ABC of Art Skills with a view to helping users immensely improve their drawing skills.

The ABC of Art Skills teaches users how to draw step by step. Beginners can know how to draw quickly. During this drawing course, users will learn six secrets to master the art of drawing. Gibson claims that her drawing exercises can cater for the needs of different students including primary school and university ones. Therefore, people who are hopeless at drawing can now improve their drawing skills quickly and easily. The course also offers a set of black line master exercises that are printable and practical for class use and users own practice. Besides, it gives users notes to help them assess their classes or themselves. Hence, users can be aware of their own level and progress as well as others. Last but not least, this course shows users how to select useful materials that allow them to obtain higher results. Upon completion of this course, users can be highly competent and confident in drawing. They can earn public praise and personal profits from creating beautiful drawings.

Gibson also gives users three bonuses including e-Book 2 Workshops, Photographic Resource Kit and Design Principles Reference Guide. After using these bonuses, users can reach new levels of drawing. They can also receive a years free subscription to the Lesson a Month Club to learn how to improve their paintings, drawings, cartooning, sketching and illustrating.

Hoa Le from the site says: The ABC of Art Skills, at an affordable price, can take users from beginners to masters. If users can not improve their drawing skills, they can claim their money back. Anyone who is serious about building a drawing career should try other drawing courses like How To Draw People Step By Step, Fun With Caricatures, and Mad About Manga.

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