THE ARCHIELUXURY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM – No scales or weigh-ins, No Corporate Bullshit

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THE ARCHIELUXURY WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM – for Middle Aged, Middle Class, Overweight Men
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CaliforniaPickin says:

This was Archie;s LAST SUPPER. Lol.

I know Archie’s being sarcastic…

Being serious FAHKAHS! : Dont want to be a kill joy but…I am not a Dr,
but Here’s a general rule of thumb——Refind CARBS, SUGAR, stress
(Cortisol) & inactivity are what make us FAT. All carbs get converted to
sugar. Excess sugar gets stored as fat. Inactivity doesnt burn the stored
fat. Thats the simplified version.

I know u are joking Archie, but if u want to loose weight, This is what I

Walk 30 minutes or more a day, everyday.

A Low to NO Carb (NO Gluten -wheat, grains, beer) No potato, No refined
sugar diet will do the trick. Limit your fruit and fruit juice intake. I
lost 45 lbs doing this. Eat all the lean protein and vegetables as u want.
U may Drink Wine instead of beer. 3 Months Later (approx), after u have
lost the weight, u can add small amounts of certain foods back in your
diet. You will actually loose cravings for those foods in the long run.

Its a challenge ARCHIE! CAN U DO IT? We want u to be around FAHKAH!
-10 years & beyond… Good luck Mate! 

ktran18 says:

You have no logic in the fitness industry Archie stay with luxury goods!

Tim Sharpe says:

Good Luck with that one Arch!

acrosby1099 says:

My patented weight loss program really works, want to hear? Now I’m not
selling this or giving email extensions to obtain this information, this
info is 100% free, YES! FREE fucka’s!

first step, eat a box of ex lax chocolate bars prior to beginning your day.
second is ingest a bottle of syrup of ipecac with every meal.

and that’s it, simple huh? A simple 2 step program and you are guaranteed
to lose weight without diet or surgery.

Your welcome.

Chinaman Champ says:

I’m on McDonald’s and Pizza diet.. for real

Tactical operator run n gun duracoat master of the deserts of Utah says:

Sounds to me like a bunch of excuses for not working out and to continue
eating just as much as previously. In other words no resistance or
suffering. This is no weight loss program, its a keep being fat and die
early program.

Eat less, move more.

Pieter P. says:

Fantastic luxury dinner sitting on plastic chairs chewing ice cold seafood
as much as possible watching TV on a big screen and wrestle with other
refugees for the next plate of expensive food.
What a Christmas joy Archie.

somerville99 says:

My idea of a diet is red meat, booze, and junk food. Archie’s is even
better than mine.

Dom Jakube says:

look I’m gonna be brutally honest here, it will take many months if not
years of both regular exercise and eating like a rabbit to lose any serious

Quite simply you are too far gone for any real exercise, I estimate your
weight at 120KG’s or so which would put you in the morbidly obese category.

Morbidly obese. think about that for a minute, it translates to so fat it
can kill you

With hard work and no more buffets you could get down to a 100KG which
could add years to your life, which with young kids you feel obligated to
do so, don’t do a Tony Soprano and die of a heart attack at 60 due to

Steven Monash 62 says:

Makes sense


Overweight Men
Please email ArchieLuxury direct at

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