The BEST Homemade Protein Bar Recipe in the WORLD!

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Close – In this video, I’m showing you how to prepare tasty and inexpensive protein bars. These bars are easy to make and are way more floavorful than sugar packed commercial protein bars. http

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saamwaam says:

You really are a handsome fella…and whats even greater is that you connect with the viewers. I’m hooked! Great energy! thanks for sharing and looking forward to receiving inspiration from raw foodist like yourself! =)

Carlitos Silvita says:

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TheCanadianAlien says:

I cant make out the name of that book around 3:05… could you let me know what its called please and thanks

J.Gavin Gamel says:

I believe he said it was called the Gospel of Peace.

Cheryl M says:

Thanks for sharing all this beneficial knowledge:) What type of Juicer do you have? I would like to invest in one.

Brenda Fox says:

I like to try and go hundred precent raw, Would the withdraws be easier on me if I fast first, then start the raw diet, if so how many days should I fast

Lizzy Hofweber says:

Not credible. Who is this guy anyway and I’m curious which rehab offers college courses in nutrition? He’s not truely educated in the medical aspects of only eating vegetables and fruit. Lets be honest, a cup of orange juice should not be a meal for a man.

Jordan Duarte says:

His skin looks great. 

johnrk556 says:

It’s amazing the crap they advertise just before your videos start–I know you have no control over that. 

joelpt says:

Hehe, well you can probably just add rolled oats to the mix to thicken things up a bit.

Bappi Shovon Pramanik says:

They laughed when I told them I was going to bulk up with “Smashing Ripped X”, but then I showed them the results. Do a search on Google for Smashing Ripped X to see their reaction. (It was epic!)

filthywilfy says:

hw many cals n carbs n stuff and is it ok if ur on a cut and wud u say just hv 1 azt nite as a treat of just after a workout

LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

yo man how about a protein bar with just oatmeal, 100% protein whey, and tuna! that should get you 75 grams right there! HOME MADE easy within minutes!

LuxuriousLuxembourg says:

And use water not milk.

Ankit G says:

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joelpt says:

For one batch, it is about 2700 calories, 210g carbs, 130g fat, 170g protein. So if you cut one batch into 10 squares, each is ~270 calories.

As a post-workout treat, you would actually want a higher carb-to-protein ratio — between 3:1 and 5:1 — for optimal recovery. So maybe just have a ~135 calorie bar along with 8 oz. of 100% fruit juice (= ~140cal/38g carbs).

To *lower* the carb-to-protein ratio, the easiest way is to replace some of the honey with water; 4 tbsp honey = 69g carbs.

Alexin1derland says:

A few suggestions: Warming the honey, pb etc will make it runnier and easier to blend. Do it in a pot bcs microwaves trash nutrients. Then blend w the milk before adding to the dry stuff. And as LuxLux said, using water instead of honey lowers the carbs – these things don’t need to be so sweet, and lowering your ‘taste’ for sweet will help with your consumption of all kinds of things.

Alexin1derland says:

I only use organic and it tends to get runny at the top & dry at the bottom because the oil floats upward. Try standing the jar on it’s head for a few days then stirring it REALLY well. And if you want it more liquid for cooking warm it up a bit to soften the fats.

John Shay says:

microwaves trash nutrients? Where do you guys come up with this stuff? What about when you bake it in the oven with all that heat?

OliDox says:

my left ear enjoyed this video

OliDox says:

Um… because ovens don’t have microwaves in them? Genius

Mathias Ipsen says:

can u put your recipe in kilograms?

021292 says:

its quite easy to convert measurements in unit you want with a google search but here you go: 240g protein powder, 100g oats, 80g peanut butter, 3 tablespoon honey, 240 ml skim milk, 3 tbsp crushed peanuts. hope that helps.

lilbluevixen says:

How do you store them? Might try making some for the boyfriend :3

Mathias Ipsen says:

thank u, just me being lazy i guess! 🙂

Flawty John says:

“camera´s off” no man, really taste´s like shit. lawl

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