The Biggest Loser Workout High Intensity Cardio – 10 min

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really awesome short 10min working, you WILL be sweating by 2mins !

if you have any suggestions/recommendations for other great SHORT HIIT( high intensity interval training) routines plz comment so i can add them in this description thanks ! badass cardio routine really good short ab workout not so hard but feels nice on the back

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Cruz Vargas says:

Holy shit, I didn’t expect that. 

MobileWebsiteforspa says:

Usted es una persona muy inteligente!

Erik Alcala says:

how many calories does this make you lose

MiladyCorrine says:

I love him, that’s why I always root for Blue team while watching Biggest
Anyhow, after suffering from this video, I’m gonna love him less (just
kidding,I’m always your fan lol)

Justin Crenshaw says:

Ah ah ah ah! Lol Bob crack me up when he say that.

Brian Rodriguez says:

I’m so sweaty , but I finished!!!!

Noelle S. says:

i want bob to be my trainer. he would kick my ass!

Lucy W says:

I did 5mins and sweating like a pig..

VanityVain1 says:

Good workout for just 10 minutes!!! Great!!!! better than nothing!!!

VanityVain1 says:

It is really the best 10 minutes work out! Thanks so much!

buckmoney212 says:

Definitely a good workout I did 5 mins and was hurting

Ran khan says:

oh God he’s such a troll I wanted to punch the screen
but thanks I’m sweating like crazy

Chelsea Chan says:

I do p90x and like to add this at the end as a little bit of cardio. Thank
you. :)

Chad Anderson says:

There should always be a more over weight guy. I hate always watching fit
dudes. Makes the video longer.

dan primavera says:

Thought it was funny when he said that guy on the left probably knows what
prison squats were lmfao! Great workout by the way! This is my third day
doing it and it still kicks my ass! #ThankYou

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