The Cambridge Weight Plan Success – Before & After Photos -Weight Loss Showreel with Dual Dynamics

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A Tribute to some of our Dual Dynamics Clients who STEPPED UP and did the Program Properly without the STORIES and finally became LEGENDS! Who wants to be NEXT?

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Start Losing Weight Today!

The ASAP Program is real and it works. No smooth talk, no slick advertising, and no exaggerated claims of success.

Education and Commitment . . . That’s all it takes!

Our Guarantee:
By doing your part to follow the proven ASAP Program, we guarantee you will like the way you look and love the way you feel.

What is ASAP?
ASAP contains protein fractions and amino acids that allow your body to release the abnormal fat stores to be used as fuel. ASAP contains only certified grade raw materials processed according to “Good Manufacturing Practices” and is made in the USA.

ASAP Program for Success
Every human body has 3 different types of fat:

Structural (visceral) Fat in and around muscles, cushioning organs, padding of bottoms of feet, etc.
Normal (dermal) Fat is directly under the skins surface and provides the soft cushioning between the skin and frame of the body.
Abnormal (adipose) Fat is under the dermal fat and not available for use by the metabolism until the other 2 kinds of fat are reduced.

Abnormal Fat can be viewed as “famine fat”. It is stored by the body for emergency famine. Yo-yo dieting contributes to the storage of this type of fat because the body begins to question the availability of fuel (food). When calories are restricted, the body stores all the fat it can to save up for the lean times!

Most typical reduced calorie diets will not produce the best results for those individuals with an abundance of Abnormal Fat stores because their bodies will begin by burning the wrong kind of fat. When a low caloric diet is introduced to the system, the Normal reserves of fat are used up first. As a result, most people look gaunt and drawn after a reduced caloric diet. Although the normal reserves of fat have been reduced, the abnormal fat remains intact.

The ASAP program supports your body’s function to burn the Abnormal (adipose) fat stores.

Supplementation is recommended for optimal nutrition
Toxins are stored in fat, therefore, like any weight management system, it is crucial to support your liver and kidney health. We recommend Beyond Tangy Tangerine™ and Osteo-FX Plus™ to supplement your nutrition.


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DualDynamics says:

When it comes to our clients we advise not to exercise until 7lbs from goal
weight. The diet tends to produce better results and when you are ready to
get in the gym the job is much easier, more enjoyable and results happen
much more quickly. The Cambridge Maintenance Programme works amazingly
well. In my opinion it is the best one available. When you get to goal the
key is to follow the Maintenance section exactly as set out for you. If you
follow the plan you cannot fail. Dabble and you will!

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pigilipegi says:

and? did you loose weight? I am doing Cambridge now….I lost about
19kg!!!! still 2-3kg to go though!!!

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Irene styles says:

I lost with cambridge 5 kilos. and now I have started again the diet:)

Gail Lavelle says:

What an inspiring video. I started 4:12:13 I needed to lose 4 stone . I’m
half way now. What a boost seeing all those wonderful determined people.
Wish he was my consultant 

Gail Lavelle says:

Dual dynamics ” do you have a face book page? Gail 

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Wow amazing video well done guys ;)

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