The Diet Solution Program | Weight Loss Through Metabolic Typecasting

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The Diet Solution weight loss program authored by Isabel De Los Rios, a fitness trainer, is based on adopting the right diet according to your body’s metabolic type. In turn, the identification of your metabolic type will determine your specific requirements in calories, carbs, proteins and fats in your daily meals.

Everything from the determination of your metabolic type to the daily meal plans are discussed in the e-book, which leaves little to no doubt about what exactly you should be eating and when you should be eating. The voluminous manual, which should be read for an in-depth understanding of the weight loss program, contains:

Questionnaire on the determination of your metabolic type
Detailed daily meal plans
Shopping lists
Recipes for delicious meals

The steps toward the application of The Diet Solution are relatively easy:

Determine your metabolic type.
Calculate your calorie goals.
Customize your 6-week meal plans.

The program strongly encourages individuals to eat three meals, two snacks and an omega-3 supplement every day. The first two are the basis for any effective weight loss program while the third tip is geared toward the heart-healthy benefits of omega-3.

De Los Rios is not a believer in strict exercise regimens and calorie counting plans. The meal plans guide the food choices while exercise is briefly addressed with the simple recommendation of combining strength and cardio training.

The Diet Solution limits food consumption into whole natural organic foods, which makes sense considering that processed and packaged food products contain harmful levels of sodium, additives and preservatives. De Los Rios highly recommends healthy meats and fishes, fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts while whole grains may or may not be included in the diet. This is because the carbohydrates come mostly from fruits and vegetables while whole grains add to the amount.

Food products to be avoided in the diet include artificial sweeteners, sugars, sweets, pasta, sweetened artificial juices, soy and most bread types. Reading through the list of these must-avoid food products is a must so that The Diet Solution can work in every case.

What do its consumers say? Isabel De Los Rios seems to have found one of the most effective solutions to healthy weight loss. There are a few questions on its efficacy (i.e., the low-carbs diet) but these issues are usually minor in nature. Overall, the weight loss program works well when it is properly followed.

The Diet Solution can be bought in online sites as well as on its official website; bookstores do not carry the downloadable e-book. It is priced as $ USD47 each download. The best reason to buy it: You can easily adopt the meal plans considering the comprehensive manual on how to do so and, thus, lose weight in a safe, effective and healthy manner.

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Jennifer Bradbury’s story has a familiar ring….

“I was a complete couch potato. I was 267 pounds and I had heath problems, hypertension, sleep apnea, atrial fibrillation,” says Bradbury.

What sets Jennifer Bradbury apart is that she transformed her body and her life.

“I know this sounds cliché but if I can do it, anybody can,” says Bradbury.

She didn’t go it alone. Jennifer used a team of coaches to help her get off the couch.

“The key is having that successful support system and also getting the right information,” says dietician Carrie Bloemers.

Bloemers is a dietitian with Lee Memorial Health System’s Community Weight Management Program; a combination of life coaching, workouts and nutrition sessions.

“It can take a long time and even though it takes longer doesn’t mean it’s not as good or a failure, it actually will mean better results long-term,” says Bloemers.

One of the biggest pitfalls is following the fads. Studies show the old-school methods of proper diet and exercise are worth their weight in gold.

Lee Memorial Health System Lifestyle Coach Sarah Mitchell helped Jennifer along the way. “For the first thirty minutes we’re actually physically moving together,” says Mitchell.

Over an eight-week span, people get the life lessons they need to reshape their habits.

“Tools to take with them so that they can continue these healthy habits wherever they are, and make it a lifestyle change for a lifetime,” says Mitchell.

Jennifer’s journey started in 2008.

“Literally from getting off of the couch, I started walking on the treadmill,” says Bradbury.

She met her goal weight 2 years later. Today she is a marathon runner, still leaving pounds behind.

“My largest size jeans are a size 26 and now I’m in a 2 or a 4,” says Bradbury.

Dropping a total of 140 pounds, Jennifer lost more than half her body weight and regained her self-esteem.

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