The Only Supplements I used to Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

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Close These are the supplements that I used during my own body transformation to get 6 pack abs in just 6 weeks. NO BS, no fake diet pills or fat burners, just the stuff that has been proven to work. So if you have always wondered what supplements to spend your hard earned money on then this full list is one of the best guidelines to go by and to make sure you don’t waste your money on stuff that does not work!

What is V3 Like me on facebook http Don’t want to commit to a full order of V3 or short on funds, I understand. It’s a recession, so check out my extended trial packs at Become a V3 representative Yes I said it guys. I’m a fatty doing Zumba, and that’s ok. I’m consciously working hard to do all I can to lose weight one day at a time. I still don’t have the will power to do it on my own, so YES I TAKE A DIET PILL CALLED V3. And that’s ok too. It’s an all natural diet pill and honestly without it, I could not do Zumba with this much intensity. Believe me I’ve tried, it wasn’t cute. V3 gives me the energy I need to get off my butt and do something about my weight. Funny I bought Zumba for the Wii the day it was a release and only used it twice. I couldn’t make it through the 20 minute workout at all without the help of the couch, so this vid is my triumph. For a free sample please go to the following site. I just ask that you pay for shipping and handling, your shipment will be sent with tracking number within two business days. Enjoy


gartnuc4 says:

How much weight have you lost by doing the Zumba?

whatsyourdiet says:

I don’t do the zumba that often. Most of my weight loss is due to taking a weight loss supplement V3 Weight Management Complex. I take just one pill daily and I have lost over 50lbs since last June. I want to loose my weight slowly so I am pacing myself. You can find out more info on V3 by visiting the link above.


the name of the song is slide, you go girl! im a zumba instructor and i weigh over 200 lbs! You go girl, your doing really well!

Lo1975La says:

Well done! Keep it up. Anything is possible 🙂

lovley7dovley says:

Lol this wants to make me dance along with you, I love dancing weightloss videos

berzi beata says:

Good job honey :)))

whatsyourdiet says:

Thanks. I love my lil V3 pill. Never leave home without it.

Trea2030 says:

The true reality is that if a person does Zumbaaaa & they think that’s going to transform them into this totally physically fit person, then they are sadly misled!!!! RUNNNING, WEIGHT TRAINING & EATING RIGHT IS WHAT TRANSFORMS YOUR PHYSIQUE, NOT JUST SOME DANCE CLASS ALONE!!!! REAL TALK FOR Y’ALL!!!!!!

whatsyourdiet says:

You are mistaken and I, amonst many others, am living proof of it. I don’t believe in diets, if I want to eat something then I will. You don’t have to kill yourself running and lifting weights in somebody’s gym to achieve your weight loss goals. With the help of taking my V3 diet pill daily I went from a size 24 to a size 16. I now have curves that I never had ever in my life, even when I was a size 8. This is real talk!!!! V3 works! Zumba works! Don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself!

Taryn Bogan says:

You don’t have to strain your body to get to your weight loss goals. It’s all about moderation. Not just with your diet, but with your workouts. Many people have achieved their weight loss goals with simply this program and eating better.

bopoche says:

good job from france !!! congrat

MochiNyoki says:

Zumba is not a dance class, kthx 🙂
What do you think running does? It boost your heart rate. What is Zumba doing? The saaaame, it’s just more fun 🙂

You sweat up a storm while using a lot of the muscles in your body.

kb001313 says:

Running is one of the worst things for your body. If Zumba is done correctly you can burn up to 2x as many calories as you can running. You do not need to do weight training to loose weight, but it’s recommended since each lb of muscle burns 50 more calories per day that that of fat. Also, many people start out at home doing this so they feel more confident before they start my class.

christentze says:

im thinking of trying zumba. im just a little worried because i have a hard time picking up dance moves but if it’s half as fun as it looks, maybe i should give it a go.

Natalie Rodriguez says:

@Trea2030 It’s alot more than just a dance class its a major workout for your whole body and you burn serious calories but it’s true that you can’t do a fitness program and expect to look slim in a month because you need to eat right get plenty of rest and I’ve been taking zumba since last year in november and it’s the best

path5001 says:

You go girl

paroperha says:

woah. finally i can see how good it is to do zumba. it looks pretty easy. thx

Uouttooo says:


Uouttooo says:

Nevermind, you are norwegian! 🙂

Uouttooo says:

What is a francophone doing in South Africa? I am not trying to be mean, just curious. 🙂

MrSnejider says:

amazing job man congratz

elios1212 says:

This is gonna work even better by taking Herbalife cause it contains everything Herbalife provides so now im goin to try this and see the results . great video though

Mario García H. says:

Supplements don’t work as supposed to or even yet affect your health, do some Science instead of this mumbo jumbo! Will ya’?

Pathrissia says:

Peter. Get your shirts off!! Thumbnails are annoying otherwise

HeavyC89 says:

Lol to the people who keep saying supplements don’t work or damage your health! Read a book Were not talking roids were talkin natural supplements that the body needs, there is no research that says anything he uses is harmful

BrateTebra123 says:

You take more pils than a junke

joy cse says:

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JacobOlli says:

im am 21 years, is it necessary for me to take a joint support? i workout 6 days a week 1 hour intense 🙂

alexpapyz31 says:

I supplement I was surprised to no see was CLA. CLA will help u with getting ABS. Unlike fat burners, it helps u retain muscle with helping cut back on weight. Also liquid carnatine. I believe that’s coffee he had in that cup. I drink that all day long.

Thiago Rodrigues says:

@ognkgnr u’re right. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And My senior in gym daily having this secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. you can watch out here >

H.Krishantha Sameera de Zoysa says:

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yesh patel says:

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Jovan Nikolic says:

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diw4k says:

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mnm8257 says:

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Alina RU says:

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kidrategame says:

Green tea, not coffee

Becky Johnson says:

Nice vid!Nice vid!

Rafi Ferrer says:

Anyone else crack up when he held up “Drugs killed Whitney” paper with a huge smile on his face?

dan lown says:

damn.. wish id seen this before i ordered all that japanese bog water and african boot leather

jeet shetty says:

i need to buy whey proteins would you kindly help me wht is imp to keep in mind while buying 1..
expecting ur reply…
thx 🙂

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