The Secrets Of Long Term Weight Loss

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The Secrets Of Long Term Weight Loss

Anyone can go on a binge diet and lose some weight. It’s not a particularly impressive feat, and hurts your health and your mind when you inevitably regain t…
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Ma D says:

Thanks a lot. You can’t imagine how valuable is this information. Most of
my friends are confused as led to believe that there is some magic
unlimited calories on 801010. Most can’t loose weight and are
tired/frustrated. Thank you for helping us and please we appreciate your
ongoing help!!!

Persimmon Dancer Emilie says:

I agree that it’s a bad idea to throw away the scale… Unless you can’t
stop weighing yourself every day. I just weigh every 10-30 days to see my
progress. In the past I threw away my scale because people told me this is
the best way but, in reality, not weighing set me really far back.

footballunleashed says:

maybe the raw food guru’s are saying to slam the calories because the
number one reason people are failing the raw food diet is because they are
not getting enough calories. People don’t understand just how much they
have to eat when they first go 100% raw. It sounds like you have a genetic
gift or curse of being able to use calories efficiently. I think the
majority of people need to slam the calories in, especially when
transitioning so they stay on the diet. If after a few months they see
they’re not losing weight, then switch more to the greens, but continue to

Kelly Mahoney says:

How do you suggest to measure body fat percentage every week?

veganangel68 says:

Not feeling the counting calories for life or the extreme exercise.
Breakfast is good though :)

Greenmama's Garden says:

Dude, if I eat less than 2500 calories, I get crabby and eventually start
overeating on crappy foods. I just feel my self-esteem dip when I watch
your videos, and other videos with people who can easily choose to reduce
calories, or who have no trouble staying 100% raw. On the other hand, I
feel very frustrated by the ubiquitous videos of people who can slam in the
calories and stay very slim. No one has any good explanation of why some
people can eat huge amounts of calories and others like me are obese doing
so, except to call us liars or blame an eating disorder history. My eating
history contains almost no successful calorie restriction. 

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