The Shred Diet Week 3 Meal Plan & Sample Menu

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Hope you guys enjoy this sampling of my menu for week 3 of Dr. Ian Smiths Revolutionary Shred Diet! Wanna see what I have in my Fridge & Pantry? You can watc… Want To Know How To Lose Weight Quickly ?. Watch This “Fat Loss Factor Video” Then Click The Link http://www.yout…
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Jessica Toro says:

I was wonder if you used anything special for the milk shake? was it just
low fat ice cream with low fat milk, I’m afraid I’m going to sabotage
myself and do it wrong.:)

Jessica Toro says:


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sweetmet35 says:

how much have u lost?

TaraOnAMission says:

@ 2bemommie I made my own sheets based on the books diet plan. It’s so much
easier than lugging the book around and flipping through pages plus I also
jot down my snacks each day on the sheet so that should I need to do a 2nd
round I can clearly see based on which week I lost the most, exactly what
foods were consumed. Thank you so much and definitely let me know when you
start… If you need help or have questions just let me know! Wishing you
great success 🙂

Tom Carley says:

Tara, Thank you for what you are doing, it is great to have a “diet buddy”
to ask questions. Down 12 lbs. in 2 weeks, but feel I could do better.
Stepping up the workout intesnity this week and I have a few questions: 1.
In week 3, are you still allowed the 2 pieces of bread daily? 2. Which form
of exercise is most effective? I’m running 1 mile each morning & high
intensity jumping rope (3 sets 150 revolutions) at night. 3. If you do 2 nd
6 week cycle is it best to keep same weekly order?

TaraOnAMission says:

@ thrstwillams To answer your question, absolutely! Of course I don’t know
you’re financial state but I do know mine and its tight. For one fresh
produce is totally doable! More so than you think… I will make a video
later today w/ options for the diet and tips on where to shop.

Larry Kuman says:

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2bemommie says:

just wondeing if u typed your menu or are they avail online? I plan to
start the diet and those sheets will be great! thnx & congratulations on ur
success do far

leslie brooks says:

You aré doing a great job..

Harry Grekat says:

Cool. Sprinkle the flax seed on your oatmeal and berries. I grind up walnut
and store them in a container, then sprinkle it on my oatmeal, works great.

Deb Destiny says:

The lemon water and the flax seed always been part of my family daily diet
every day flax seed also great to keep you regular hehe I put flax seed in
my oatmeal after I cook it/salads for the nutty taste or cereal

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