The Skinny – – MD Developed Mobile App Coming to App Stores January 2013

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) January 04, 2013

Dr. S. Mark McKenna has created something truly spectacular: a weight loss app for women that is comprehensive, truthful, and easy to use. Through innovative design and a thorough knowledge of weight loss and how the female body uniquely sheds pounds, Dr. McKenna has designed an app that women will actually enjoy using as part of structured, healthy, weight loss plan.

The Skinny – – is a different kind of app because its not only motivational and simple to use, but strives to foster community in order to fight the obesity epidemic through a unique social network based photo/information sharing capability. The Skinny offers a nutrition for life approach, inspiring women to keep their healthy, plant-based eating and exercising programs for life.

According to The Skinny Founder Dr. S. Mark McKenna, “Its not just about changing your body, its about changing your lifestyle.”

Offering simple, medically-sound advice and information, The Skinny is an educational, easy to use, and truly inspirational new application that will change many lives. Most applications dont have an MD as their founder most applications arent The Skinny. It gives users health and nutrition information straight to where most people to look for it their phone.

The Skinny – – is staffed by a team of expert MD’s and licensed nutritionists. Therefore users can be sure that advice received comes from years of medical expertise in the fields of weight loss, nutrition, and disease prevention. Years of experience have been compressed into one convenient application for easy access by any woman or man who is interested in changing his/her life for the better.

Fad diets dont work, and calorie counting can only take dieters only so far before it becomes an annoying and harrowing chore. By giving application users information on how to make permanent life changes, The Skinny is really offering ways to permanently lose weight and keep it off. The Skinny has been developed as a resource to be shared and used by any woman who wants to shed excess pounds, and has genuine interest in keeping the weight off. How many applications can honestly say that?

The Skinny will be launched to the public in January 2013. For more information visit

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