The Step Diet Review

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Some diet books deal with radical or fad diets and some just have action plans you can roll out with. The Step Diet is the type of book where you’ll read it and implement the steps contained within the day you get it. Radical fad diets do come and go, but this particular book isn’t about eating a specific way like The Diet Solution PDF will teach you. John Peters, Bonnie T. Jortberg as well as James O. Hill were the people who came up with this idea and authored this book. Their teaching angle is to teach americans a motivational walking program that will help them start to discover who they are through walking. Walking is an activity that naturally helps you lose weight and is not stressful on your joints unless you are severely overweight. But it’s a catch 22 because of you are grossly overweight then you need The Diet Solution Book and you also need to be walking each and every day. And if you’re not, your body may end up invoicing you later in life. James O. Hill is one of the founders of the National Weight Control Registry.

How The Step Diet works in a nutshell is that you progressively add the number of steps you walk each week or day by making small changes in your daily routine like parking on the far end of the parking lot. Another thing they stress is to bring a pedometer everywhere you go, and don’t worry this book is supposed to come with a decent pedometer which is used to track how many steps you take. I read somewhere once that walking 5 miles is roughly 10,000 steps and if the average person walks 2-3 miles per hour you figure if you walk for just 2 hours per day you’re doing real good. Sometimes making positive changes in your lifestyle isn’t about willpower but facing tough choices and asking yourself if that large cheese burger is really worth all the extra calories it will end up packing on you at the end of the day.

I can’t say that the step diet is The Diet Solution but it could be part of it. Some day the pedometer that comes with this book isn’t a quality pedometer and that you should go out and buy another one but that’s just speculation. I think if a pedometer accurately counts your steps its doing its job. Customers who purchased The Step Diet have ended up losing dozens of pounds or more just by increasing their walking distance. Some have also increased their walking distance from a few thousand steps per day to over 15k steps each day which imho is a very impressive feat. Personally I tend to get excited when solid and practical weight loss information is released. It’s great to workout and you’ll certainly derive benefits from this but the key is to remain active throughout the day. When you start walking a couple hours each day your metabolism will speed up which will help your body burn extra calories each hour of the day.

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