The Three Main Types of Exercise

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It is undeniable that exercise offers a lot of benefits especially when it comes to the physical aspect. The word exercise automatically creates a picture in our mind that has something to do physical activities. By doing different types of exercise, you are making your body healthy and fit. But this does not only pertain to your physical aspect, exercise also contributes in improving your mental health. In other words, exercise improves your overall health condition. This is just among the main reasons why people exercise. There are those that exercise because they want to lose weight, have fun, socialize with other people and many more. There are several types of exercise that you can choose from and your choice basically depends on your reason why you want to exercise. Here are some the three main types that you can take into consideration.

The first type is the flexibility exercise. From the name itself, exercise activities associated to this involves gentle stretching that must be done every day. By doing the exercise for flexibility, the problems related to your joints like injuries and stiffness will be prevented. This type of exercise is known to be the most important among all because this is what you should do so that you can get ready for more strenuous exercises. Tai chi, stretching and yoga are just some of the techniques that belong to this particular type of exercise.

Next on the list is the strengthening exercise which is known to be good for your muscles. Exercise activities under this type make use of weight and resistance to make sure that your muscles will become strengthened and stronger. When this happens, then the stress on your joints will be reduces and your muscles can effectively protect the joint while absorbing shock. Under this type, there are two sub-types – the isometric and isotonic. An isometric exercise strengthens our muscles without moving the joints while isotonic exercise does it the other way around, your muscles can be strengthened by constantly moving the joints.

And last but definitely not the least, the cardiovascular exercise. This particular type of exercise may refer to any exercise that involves a lot of muscles that are used in continuous and rhythmic motion like aerobics. The main purpose of this exercise is to make some of your internal organs to work more efficiently like the heart, lungs, etc. Walking, swimming, running and dancing are just some of the things that you can do which are good for your cardiovascular system.

All the three main types of exercise are beneficial for you and there is no doubt about that. But you should carefully choose the type that you want to get yourself involved in because not all types may work best for you especially of you are suffering a certain medical condition. It would be best that you ask your doctor first as to what type of exercise suits you best because he/she knows what’s good or bad for you.

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