The WORST Ab Exercise Ever (STOP THIS TODAY!)

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When it comes to ab exercises, there are a lot of options. And due to there being so many options, there are always going to be better options than others.

The title of this video is the worst ab exercise ever.. And I’m talking about planks. BUT.. this doesn’t necessarily planks are a complete waste of time. Unless you are not a beginner.

What I mean, is that if you can do a plank longer than a minute, you are wasting your time doing planks, simply because, there are just better options.

What happens is with planks, unless you are truly focusing on engaging your core every second of the exercise, you are going to start putting emphasis elsewhere during your set… like your shoulders, or your lower back, causing unnecessary stress.

In this video, I give three exercise alternatives that will help take your basic planks to the next level and allow you to actually start benefitting from the time you’re spending in the gym.

Try these out and let me know what you think!

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