Think Whole Food, Not ‘Out of the Box’ for Heart Healthy Diet

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Mayo Clinic cardiologists Stephen Kopecky, M.D., and Robert Frantz, M.D., discuss the link between diet and cardiovascular health. For more information on cardiovascular health or to request an appointment, visit

Research has shown that diet plays an important role in cardiovascular health. Through this research, it has been shown that diets such as the Ornish Diet, DASH Diet, and Mediterranean Diet can lower the risk of cardiovascular events. Research has also shown that an unhealthy diet decreases the benefit of statins.

In a video originally posted on on Medscape Cardiology, Stephen Kopecky, M.D., and Robert Frantz, M.D., break down the dos and don’ts of a healthy cardiovascular diet.

Video Content Outline:
Following In My Father’s Footsteps (1:15)
Lowering Cardiovascular Events with Diet (4:47)
Highly Processed Oils and Other Foods (8:34)
Practical Advice for Patients (11:22)
Do Statins Negate a Poor Diet (15:48)
Conclusion (18:15)


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