Total Body Toning Workout: Beginner (Workout Videos by Everyday Health)

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Having a total body routine is a great way to get an all-over toned body. This is the perfect routine for anyone who is just starting out or already has a fi…


Qiwi17 says:

@ltgsmxe yes. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.
btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks
about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. you can see it here >>>

stephanie kilpatrick says:

I’m recked

LethalLemonLime says:

Didn’t realize I’d have to use equipment…

BlogilatesTV says:

love u!

Pandara Oz says:

cassey, you’re the best 🙂

Marjo Dance says:

Too much dangerous positions!Sorry but It’s not a class for beginners…

honeydip1871 says:

me either :/

yurithebest1 says:

Hi, have you seen this plan called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My
mother says it helps people lose weight easily.

TheAbStand says:

So many workout YT gurus in this video – really great workout! If any of
your women viewers are beginning an weight loss program we hope that
they’ll visit us at ab-machine-for-women*com

nicole soh says:

can you guys make a cool down video? thanks

EMAN EMI says:

caaasseeyyyyy iii lllooooove yooouuuuuuuu!!!!! you’r the best

dexy77 says:

what can you do for the second exercise if you have no bar?

lindabebe835 says:

excellent job people!!

Vova Butramev says:

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yolo says:

cassey from bloglaties??

naveen ashok says:

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minute in the gym, then you should look at this video tutorial SIXPP.COM
Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.

BlogilatesTV says:

i love u too!!!

Harley Aguilar says:

Well I tried this workout but I’d not have a bar so instead of duin the bar
exercise I idi the shorth lounge on the opposite leg n well my wrist is a
bit hurt so instead of duin the wide push up I did the girl version of it
🙂 It got me breaking a sweat lol I am a beginner but for the most part of
my life I been n good shape n I can see why it be difficult for a lot of
beginners to star in this workout it felt like begginer intermediate
workout for me but I like it 🙂 

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