Total Body Workout 4, Cardio, sculpt and tone fitness, Full 30 mins

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For this workout you will need; 1) You 2) 30 minutes There are more free workouts here on our channel If you want to suppo…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50betterman says:

once once again again, background music of pump it up at 20:00. Please and

rafeeq mon says:


életü Majom says:

Who mixed the love sex magic? PLZ!!!!! (1st song)

Silvino Abraao says:



Muy bueno, gracias!

C'est la pharmasi silafamille says:

25 mn to 27 mn, name song pls

Malgorzata Niewiarowska says:

just shit nothing else… waste of time

Paulina Sim says:

1:02:26 please!!!!!! name son!

marcus people says:

More of the products you are looking for here??



Carlos E Laverde Cifuentes says:
Daniel Czuchryta says:


Porcaline Marx says:

First song is awesome!

daiana dax says:

what’s the name of the song at 5:30 aprox

greeneyedsiren16 says:

This is absolutely and without a doubt the most annoying music mix I have
ever heard in my entire life! 

Elisa Carloni says:

this music is not for bitches like you, but for those who practise training
or aerobic…okay!!!????

vetri velan says:

To people who want to get thinner eventually, Copy and Paste into Google
Fat Blast Furnace and get started.

Vinay sharan says:

i really enjoy dub-step while workout ….that help a lot…:-)


Czas na poranną gimnastykę :)

Bayonetta Queen says:


Anita Greene says:

Elyptical machine is my favorite cardio machine. The faster the music the
faster i go. It tricks my mind to not think about quitting. : ))

InsanityWorkoutDownl says:

great video! 🙂

aleintstein says:

Get Real Player. When you start to view youtube videos move your mouse to
upper right of video screen. It will ask if you want to down load video
locally. I travel quite often and exercise in my hotel room. Sometimes
links are slow, so great to have locally on hard drive. This is great
routine for hotel room. Efit30-excellent routines.

Samuel Lee says:

I am 21 with 68kg, i get tired at the 14:58. Will continue to do this. This
is amazing!!

Mambo Davila says:

could not find this particular one

Emre Ozer says:

I’m very fit so I had no problem doing it, i did all the reps like in the
video and didn’t miss anything and felt i could do more at the end, but it
is definetly a very good workout and I will continue to do it because it
makes you sweat a lot, good luck to everybody

Zakiyyah Ali says:

Yep! 10 minutes into this exercise I was sweating and praying for God to
give me the strength LOL will be doing this workout everyday!

Ng Swee Hong says:
amani salem says:
Wendy Kiasuka-kikanda says:
Kathryn O says:

Just put this workout on in a meeting room, via the overhead projector, for
a lunch time work out with a group of my colleagues – it was excellent!

Caroline Jones says:

this workout should really focus more in the whole body rather than just
your quads. especially in the warmup. so much for a “full body” workout…

Tlaka tlaca says:

This is definitely a FULL BODY WORKOUT. nice! 🙂
I get tired at 10!

Alfazema Mendes Mota says:

I love this total body workout 4. It is fenomenal…

James Dix says:

You will need 1) You 2) 30 minutes AND 3) A Mat 4) to be able to see the
screen whilst standing up AND on the mat..

JoAnne Fairchild says:

Great workout routine. My body hurt for 2 days but well worth it! Thank

Betsy Vriend says:

This is by far the best workout I’ve done. Me and my friend love it and do
it all the time! It’s bloody exhausting!

iva ivi says:

Just did this!!!!! Awesome!!!! Thank you…..

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