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Friend us!! Truth About Carbohydrates & Sugar | Nutrition, Weight Loss, Glycemic Index, Psychetruth Referenced Videos: Why People Get Fat. Obesity & Weight Gain, Psychetruth Nutrition, Diet & Food Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods — Psychetruth Nutrition & Weight Loss Why is Junk Food Junk & Superfoods Super? Psychetruth Nutrition Nutrition by Natalie The Truth About Fruit! Health Food or Candy? View this video on our official website: This video was produced by Psychetruth http Music By Jimmy Gelhaar © Copyright 2012 Target Public Media, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Truth Carbohydrates sugar carbs nutrition weight loss gain glycemic index psychetruth Corrina obesity diet food junk fast high fructose corn syrup glucose sucrose candy
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natureasintended says:

“Raw Vegan Debate Is Over” video.
Foodnsport and Durianriders for accurate health info instead of misinfo.

jasarite says:

Wow Corrina, Im so distracted by your body… I miss half of what you say and have to watch again, and again Im distracted! Beauty and brains=awesome chic!

1981Mogli says:

I just watched “sugar:the bitter truth” again. He talkes a lot about fructose and even calls it a poisson. He also explains why very scientifically. I recommand you to take a look at it. I love fruit too and eat a lot of it, but more than about 25 g of fructose a day do damage the liver on the long term.

jazzplayer9 says:

Saturated fat doesn’t do shit…

natureasintended says:

Robert Lustig of “Sugar: the bitter truth” has stated that the fructose found in whole fruits is not a problem, even in large amounts. The following is the conclusion from a 10 year forward looking study on weight gain in spanish adults: …more at 30bananasaday. com

HomicidalDavid says:

Is it true that spiking your insulin helps protein synthesis to help muscle repair better? (after working out)

goldhedge says:

Interesting topic, but I keep staring at her cleavage…

addymak says:

Very informative, I thought I knew the differences between the sugars but this video taught me a lot

337elite says:

You’re obviously fat and out of shape and can’t figure out how to lose weight. I’m just trying to help you fatty. Keep eating all that fat and stay fat ok. 🙂

337elite says:

You’re the one who shot your mouth off at me. Don’t you remember fatty? 🙂 Running your mouth is the most cardio you’ll ever do. So obviously you’re mad that I have six pack abs and I am the one who’s in shape. Keep doing you’re ‘cardio’ you out of shape fatty. Run that mouth and move those fingers a little faster! 🙂

BeeZee1992 says:

*sigh* why am i even talking to you? you are a waste of my time and energy. have a happy life

337elite says:

Why were you talking to me? Because you were mad at a comment I made that wasn’t directed at you….. Thanks fatty. 🙂 Keep that fat mouth closed. Will save you from trouble. Have a great life too!

P1nsta says:

Hey Corrina! LOVE THE VIDEOS! 🙂

maths485 says:

do you eat junk food?
any tips for vegan protein and vegan fiber breakfasts

ntherewas1 says:

Wow sweet! This is an awesome video =)

Raquib25 says:

What classification would grits fall under?

laughingwhale says:

Thank you sooo much Corrina, for your efforts and expertise. All children should get this information starting in kinder !

msandrea2u says:

how do you overcome sugar addiction?

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