Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss – Cardio and Abs Workout

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Ultimate Workout for Belly Fat Loss - Cardio and Abs Workout

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Kyoukichi says:

Just did it… I died.

Mikael Raunig says:

I came to see woman :D

Cadence Christie says:

made it to round two!I’m excited well because i’m nine isn’t that alot for
me to do

sasukeadejoh1 says:

does this apply to males cause if not i have been doing this whole exercise
for a month

Wandi Sanjairag says:

I made it 🙂 

MsLoo5 says:

This is so hard I could only do 13 minutes off it but I will build my way
up to it 

Tanya Walker says:

Wow, can’t believe how winded I am. Seemed simple…oh well a keeper!

Lelo Dlamuka says:

oh hell no… 7 minutes in and i opened a bag of chips. damn this weight
aint coming off is it?

Glenda Harrison says:

Sweating like crazy. Awesome workout. Thanks Fitness Blender!

Nerdy Nia says:

God this is terrible but im 13 and weigh 175 in 7th grade i try to lose
weigh but i just get tired with this and give up

VloggersAreHot says:

GIVE ME A STRAIGHT UP ANSWER. If I drink only water, a lot of water
everyday +this workout every day will this help me lose anything in about
20 days?? PLEASE HELP.

Sophie Rose Writes The Psychopathic Turtle Lover ಠ_ಠ says:

My Legs Are Dead, My Arms Are Dead, *Faints*

_i0n1c_ says:

Id appreciate a straight up legit answer but I’m 13 and i weight 244 (I’m
obese i get it) but I’m wondering how much pounds can i burn with this
exercise in a week and how much in a month because i start school in a week
and im getting my gym uniform and im thinking it might be tight when i wear
it so please help ASAP thanks 

Yessenia Huerta says:

how many hours should I exercise a day?

MiWFReaK says:

Please help: How many calories does this exercise burn?

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