Up, Up, Down, Down Challenge (Workout Videos by Everyday Health)

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Up, Up, Down, Down Challenge (Workout Videos by Everyday Health)

Cassey is confident you will get sexy summer arms if you do this challenge. It is only a minute long workout. How many up, up, down, downs are you able to do…
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esteban andrade says:

its fall now .__. just saying

lessy gianella says:

0:43 0:52 —- thats what she said

jburton4224 says:

I did the whole exercise on my knees it felt pretty simple. I tried to go
up to my toes and I could not do it at all! Is there any suggestions On how
to go from knees to toes. Is there a step I am missing?

Kat Stepanek says:

thats a lot harder than it looks. did 30, ill try and do 10 more each day

XxxTheDarkLukexxX says:

u’re right. before I started eating right it didn’t matter how much I
exercised my abs were still jello. Between I heard that most of the
celebrities used to follow to kill their belly using this 7 food items. i
found it here ==> bit.ly/14TOjfj?=ikots

regina Evans says:

🙁 ugh! i did 18 i need to work on my upper body strength!

SNSDforeverFTW14 says:

Thank you so much for uploading your videos! you have changed my life ^^

Jonas Vanden Broecke says:

damn I had problems with the breathing :p exhausted 33

Lubna Jazzar says:


CharLee Rutheford says:

This calls for significant Core Control to keep lower back strong & abs
have to be tight! I can see how this is a great prelim to build strength
for regular pushups. Awesome! RainbowFitness @ TeamBeachbody…

moodylupin says:

30 without a mat. Not comfortable at all.

Janine Britton says:

How many calories do you burn doing this?

dontgetbslapped372 says:

She would be the best high school teacher

victimofescapism says:

Casseeey! This would be an awesome arms challenge in blogilates as well 😀

Ashley Hayes says:

im in pain…. oh man

CSLT99 says:

I did 30 🙂

spicexlove says:


reginiagriffin says:

tough on the elbows for real. I just put down a towel. fancy workout mat!!!

Nishant C says:

Yep. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was
coming. Between My international body building trainer also recommended
this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. worth watch here now

kalylavraie says:

27, so good to begin the day, I fell so good!

Deborah Flowers says:

Why not just do push ups? This is just two levels of planking and looks
hard on the elbow bones.

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