Use Diet & Exercise To Improve Your Overall Fitness

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Interested in improving your overall fitness? Visit to learn more about diet, exercise, and fitness. Discover how you can improve …
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Katlyn Reed says:

Have been doing your workouts every morning followed with jogging, my tummy
is noticeably tighter!love it! You get my lazy ass out of bed

Arango Knaack says:

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paste it into yourbrowser

paige elegado says:

OMG! Thank you so much! This is exactly what I need for my lifestyle. What
else should I add to this work out to boost weight loss especially in the
tummy area?

elena dimova says:

Hi, If i do only this exercises every morning,would my body shape be
better? And how long slould i do this exercises for visible results?
Otherwise you really motivated me! GREAT!

Mariana Garnica says:

Love this thanks

Qurat-ul-Ain Azam says:

This is fantastic! Thanks

Mwaba-Mandalena Katongo Mbalashi-Chisanga says:

Yes!! Exactly what I need even though my body failed me many times during
the workout lol. Thanks :D

Farah kausar says:

i have been doing this for a week! great workout music can be irritating i
am so glad u dont have any on it! because you talk through it , makes it
easy to follow again and again. Thank you!

Kanyakorn Chantjiraporn says:

Oh god, I’m a starter and I can only do one round of this! Maybe I’ll just
wait until next week and I’ll sure be able to do two rounds next time.

Monica Ryan says:

Thanx a tonne Rebecca, hve got this post c- section tummy & noticed its
getting harder after ur awesome exercises & m really getting back to form
.. Lov u..!!!

pratibha yadav says:

i m gonna do it ryt frm today.. hope to see results.. loved ua vedio..3

Aleks Sona says:

Visualize getting rid of weight quickly? Well Fast Fat Furlong did exactly
that for me. Give it a go, just search the phrase Fast Fat Furlong.

noor37130 says:

How tall are, you look pretty tall (5’11)?

Abigail Dizon says:

k i was gonna do this but now i think im just gonna grab a donut thanks tho

Matthew Kovacs says:

im gonna do this for sure!! Thanks Rebekah!! XO

MrHannah12375 says:

The last exercise is called burpees at my school

EmilMinecraftIl says:

helped alot :D

rohan shahi says:

If you seriously want to burn fat, you should do a google search Fat Blast
Factor. They will help you get the body you deserve.

Diana Guthrie says:

I made it to the lunges and the nearly died, talk about out of shape! :c

Pink Glitter says:

if i do this twice in the morning how fast will i lose weight? my waist is
36 inches i need to get to 26 or 28 by february is it possible? please do
reply Rebekah or anyone else who has tried out this routine 🙂 Thanks alot

Bvkas Tmalcna says:

It would be a shame if you did not melt fat when normal people accomplish
it easily with Fat Blast Formula (Google it).

Eboni Bernard says:

My dance class makes me do the last exercise and I never knew it was an
exercise till now:Dlol

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