Vegan Breakfast – Fabulous Healthy Food Sport Diet & Recipes

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Vegan Breakfast – Fabulous Healthy Food Sport Diet & Recipes
What to eat for breakfast as a vegan? Here’s an example: Orange & Grapefruit Juice followed by Porridge Oats with bananas and dates melted in, then poured onto a mixed fruit salad.
This healthy vegan breakfast recipes is about 1000 calories, mostly of simple carbohydrates from fruits and slow release ones from the oats, which will last longer giving you the energy needed to make the most of your active day outdoors.
Hydration is the key: a good glass of water to start your day, orange & grapefruit juice plus all the water contained in the fruits will hydrate the body from inside-out, preventing dehydration.

Rob Riches' paleolithic diet recipe (part 2)

This is the second of a two-part video about the famous paleolithic diet many fitness and bodybuilding superstars follow. In this video Rob Riches explains in what does the paleo diet consist and starts cooking a delicious paleolithic meal.


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Video Rating: 4 / 5


Dean Garside says:

tell you what Rob Thats going to be on my plate next week thanks for this

TheMrmomo55 says:

WTF Paleo humans ate raw meat bones an what not. What is this shi*t? People
dont fool yourself with this nonsense. Paleo man only lived approx. 20
years and then they died because what they ate was shit and they had no
medicine at all. Whats the point of eating like a caveman when you dont
live like a caveman. And why is it good to eat like a caveman? Bring a
caveman to this time an he would laugh his ass off. Paleo my AS*

DoThaWork says:

Not organic ketchup, check the ingredients.

BigBack Jack says:

lol you told someone to eat something 6-7 times a day. Meal frequency has
no effect on body composition. I’m taking what you said seriously because
you said something as a fact, but you’re wrong.

Jonathan Alerte says:

Hey Rob, Nice Watch!

DaoDC93 says:

OMG that looks so awesome!!!

johnlennonistheman says:

Really, bad fats went through paper and the good ones stays in the
meatloaf? Fats: “let’s stay in the meat”, Bad Fats “haha, I’m leaving”
Fucking broscience.

Virgis Dvareckas says:

at last something that i can easily make. And i am a type 1 diabetic and i
think this is gonna be perfect for me. Also i really enjoy working out. Rob
is the best

graynutz says:

just that piece of the loaf. since he used 2 lbs of beef that sounds about
the right amount of protein for the piece he sliced.

giorgio44 says:

dont miss the silverlinig here the point is to remove processed foods on
your diet more vegetables and protein from fish poultry and beef, two
oranges insted of a glass of orange juice, you have to workout and have an
active lifestyle of course so your body can burn the fat and this will
work. i am proof of it 

Sandokan Jiv says:

organic catchup or not but is still made whit sugar lol.

ztl dasilva says:

caveman didn’t have carbohidrats around?

Paul Ngo says:

Nice vid. I almost jumped when I saw the fat. one thing i know if you leave
it overnight in the freg. it’s ez to get the fat out as well.

Gonghua SHEN says:

tout est parfait sauf tes cheveux

Mrrossj01 says:

No dairy in Paleo – no butter. He should have used Grassfed beef. Healthy
fat n-6 to n-3 ratio.

Christine Rietsch says:

Where is your evidence that Paleolithic man pressed dry chili’s? A lot of
bullshit paleontology here.

Seems like a good recipe though.

viper grafixs says:

We all know that cave men was eating dinosaurs pmsl lol 

viper grafixs says:

WAIT WAIT WAIT how do we even know that they never had honey or anything
sweet lets be honest we didn’t know nothing about the so called cave men
our history as shown to be no accurate take Egypt pyramids we are told it
took 20 years to build it but studies show that a block is about 20 tons
qua rid miles away for that to be built in 20 years every stone had to be
cut and brought to the place to build and laid every 2 min not even
explaining how they lifted blocks up so high what i am trying to say is
don’t believe what scientist say you got to remember its scientist who say
boxed food is save go sell it. 

Andrea Scarsi says:

Great vegan breakfast, i’m having the same and enjoy it as much as you do!

Dedikated Cyclis says:

Good post. Tomorrow we have a 160k race. This is what I have also for
breakfast. You can also omit the oats and just have fruit salad with lots
of bananas and other fruit. But this is a great vegan alternative I find u
r running out of fruit. 

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