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Fast2Shadows says:

Can I use a blender?

loglady6969 says:

did someone fart at 2:42? …..pretty sure they did…

freedomnotfeardom says:

Great video but I must ask is that corn organic? Or is it genetically
modified which would complete in contrary to your intentions?

MasterA55a55in says:

@gymgymgymgym i was being sarcastic

corasalv93 says:

@itsbenstar He looks great ! We women love Eye candy like this ! Look at
him ! skinny muscular ! Soccer player look I call it ! (not Bulky or thick
muscular ) Just a comment from my Girls friends here


Lol, me too

cindaay92 says:

Can i use a blender??

McGrottomaster says:

Woah, baby! Put a shirt on! Armpit hair and sweat dip is a big NOT.

Daligoddess says:

LOL It was some sort of insect buzzing.

Emily Hawkins says:

lol its corn craziness (*_*)

sexxycowgurl88 says:

Instead of lite of Fat free dips because I tend to not be able to stop at 2
tbsp I sprinkle sea salt or garlic salt on my slightly damp raw celery and
carrot sticks

hosenmayer mihael says:

yep i agree. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming
outside even we work out well. And My senior in gym daily having this
secret food items to kill his belly with less excercise. get to know here :

Dreadwitch says:

ahhh but i am going back in the archives! yup, ran out of youtube vids to
watch so now i am going back in time again! =^-^= and was that a bee at
2:38 or did someone fart? o_o …

Caresse dansée says:

@MasterA55a55in Oh lol, that was very subtle! I think the same insect is
seen later on in the video, buzzing around Dan.

frenchis19 says:

i love this guy

DCOUSER1 says:

I would like to see you lift the stack of weights. I think that would also
inspire people to eat raw, it would be somewhat of a simple testimony of a
raw food lifestyle. Think about it…..

RawBeauty4Life says:

that was a bug flying up to the camera

alpinedarling91 says:

you’re awesome Dan, much love to u=)

frenchis19 says:

i love this guy: will you marry me ?

Williams805 says:

your down

tsuishanlam says:

but cooking can be detox and a predigestion for our food, certain food like
tomatoes is better after being cooked, because it’s antioxidant level is
significantly higher after being cooked, and button mushroom contains
toxins that can be broken down by heat… by the way, spinning and grinding
process in the food processor generates heat and it’s not that raw and
unaltered anymore….

rjc071 says:

Great Video Dan!!! I am a first time Channel watcher, and I have got to
tell you that you are right on!!! Thanks for all of your work!!!

MaryE MCLea says:


shreedhar dahal says:

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BattlingCIDP says:

Man I love these super simple recipe videos with the rants, where are the
new ones of this style!?

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