Water Fasting Weight Loss – Ep55 (Can you lose weight with water fasting?)

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What is a water fast? Well specifically it’s drinking only water for a certain period of time. Water fasting is not necessarily done for weight loss although water fasting for weight loss is quite common and very effective.

Below I’ve listed some of the benefits of water fasting for weight loss:

Rapid weight loss
Guaranteed fat loss
Internal cleansing
Debatable benefits – lowers blood pressure, relieves headaches, reduces asthma and allergies.

Now that we have the benefits of water fasting for weight loss covered, it’s very important we go through some of the downsides. It’s not all rapid weight loss and internal cleansing, there are some bad points you need to know before trying to lose weight by water fasting.

Some of the downsides are:

Mental stability (regular eating all your life)
Muscle loss after 36 hours

I’m sure you’ll agree that those are some fairly significant downsides to water fasting! But most of them won’t really kick in until you have been water fasting for over 24-36 hours. So be careful and monitor your progress over time.

Water fasting has health benefits and weight loss upsides. I’ve done it in the past specifically for fat loss purposes and found it to be incredibly effective. Something that I’ll definitely be doing again when trying to drop fat and retain muscle.

I’d recommend a 12 hour test. Try water fasting for 12 hours. See how you feel, track your progress and assess yourself from there. Then try more hours, 14 or 16. After a few tries spaced days apart try an 18 hour test. Then 24 hours test at most. Spaced days apart. I don’t recommend anything more than a 24 hour fast, for fat loss purposes as you will begin to lose muscle tissue.

Most importantly, monitor your feelings, weight then decide on individual benefits if it works well for you.


Very extreme 5 day water fast, detailed daily diary review – http://bit.ly/LVgnKY


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Weight Loss Meditation – Lose Weight with this Guided Meditation for weight loss and for boosting your metabolism.

Find a comfortable meditation posture for this weight loss meditation with your back straight but relaxed. For this guided meditation exercise, we will do the surya hand mudra where you take your ring finger and fold it, so that it touches the palm of your hand or the base of your thumb and then you take your thumb and place it gently over your ring finger. This mudra is connected with the fire element, and has the ability to regulate body temperature and metabolism and help you get rid of bad cholesterol in your body and is therefore good for weight loss meditation. So place your hands on your knees if you are sitting up, or on the floor beside you if you are lying down with the palms facing upward.

Focus on your body. What does it look like? How does your body make you feel about yourself? Does your weight bother you? In what ways have it affected you during your life? Remember the last time you ate comfort food and recall the thoughts and emotions you had… why did you feel the need to eat unhealthy. Perhaps you were stressed or perhaps you were trying to fill a hole in your heart. No matter what the reason is, say to yourself “I forgive myself… I am doing the best I can”
Now think about what your ideal weight looks like? What would that feel like? How would that effect your life? Think about all the different things you will be able to do once you reach that ideal weight. Feel yourself being confident and happy. See yourself walking down the street tall and your head held high feeling good about yourself. Think about all the things you have always wanted to do but couldn’t because of your weight. Feel the happiness and contentment in your entire body.

Now say to yourself. “This is me… this is what my true personality looks like and I owe it to myself to be the person I have always wanted to be. I recognize how my body is today, and I still love it as I love the person inside this body. I truly am a good person with something great to offer and I want to be healthy so that I can enjoy a full life of great things. I deserve that. My body has put up with my bad eating habits for way too long, and now I make a declaration… I owe it to my body to treat it with love and care. I am going to do whatever it takes to make sure my body is healthy. I am not going to feel guilty about the things I have eaten and the exercises I didn’t do in the past… I am not going to waste valuable time and energy on that… instead I choose to use my energy on making a plan and sticking to that plan to get the body I’ve always wanted. My time of transformation starts today… not tomorrow, not next week, but today.

Feel the motivation rise inside you and the desire to change and to lose weight. You can achieve anything you put your mind to… all it takes is that first step towards improvement.
Choose to live the life you deserve.

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Thanks for watching this guided meditation on weight loss
Love and Light


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