Ways to Happiness, Beauty, Plus Size Fashion Ep. 3 Fitness with Jerry Lee

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Hi Sweeties, Today I’m Show & Telling my “Prize Mail” from Sasha Monique Talks. THANK YOU SASHA. Also, an interview with Los Angeles based Fitness Guru Jerry Lee. Let’s “Take ACTION” and get FIT with Jerry. Hope you enjoy SWTlaughinLivinLovin TV , please SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, RATE and book mark Swee-TBeauty.Com check out my blog swtlaughinlivinlovin.blogspot.com Swee-T Beauty Boutique, SHOP, Build a Sweet Box today @ Www.Swee-TBeauty.Com be sure to sign up for FREE weekly Swee-T Thoughts when you visit the page. for business inquiries inbox me on YouTube or email me at: info@swee-tbeauty.com For Swee-T Sponsored Clothing: sweetbeauty.spreadshirt.com Check out my music: swee-t.bandcamp.com Check out My Blog: swtlaughinlivinlovin.blogspot.com Tweet Me: twitter.com **You Tube Please note the disclaimer in the video the music in the video was Produced, Written & Performed by ME: SWTLaughinLivinLovin I am a Band**** my music is on swee-t.bandcamp.com how to be happy, beauty, fashion, plus size, swap, unboxing, giveaway, fitness, exercise, weight loss, diet, self help, relationship issues,fashion plus size makeup webisode weightloss daniel fast acne tips dating yourself, happy and single

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jesswonder1 says:

you look great im so happy for you! keep it up!

whatsyourdiet says:

thanks so much. This has been a great journey. I still can’t believe I have been able to lose the weight this quickly. I was just looking at my leg and they are gettin slim and trim. V3 Weight Management Complex has been one of the best things that has happened to me this year.

cinderellapearce8610 says:

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SashaMoniqueTalks says:

I going to try the two girdles girl. Doctor told me not to wear girdles but girdles are blessings

SwTLaughinLivinLovin says:

LOL girdles are much better than cinchers which I do have you need 2 muscle bound men put their foot on your but and pull the strings until my weave pops off ;0) girdles do the trick though but why would the doctor say not to …? To me girdles are just like the back support braces…no difference. ;0)

SwTLaughinLivinLovin says:

Oh yes I am I’m tall so that might even it out but my proportions are terrible cause I have mosquito bit boobies ;0) lol. then I have hips and a butt. ;0) Plus everytime I get on my scale i hear it say “get off me hefer” ;0)

SwTLaughinLivinLovin says:

Hey SaniyaOreme71 I inboxed you this response ;0) I meant to comment back. ;0)

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

“Mosquito bit boobies” Girl, no you don’t. You better leave those scales alone because i would hate to hear what a scale is going to say to me.  I will be getting weighed Tuesday, and my Doctor is going to let me have it.

SashaMoniqueTalks says:

You are so funny. Well, if two men have to pull the strings, just look cute and lean seductively while they are pulling it. lol When you have heart disease, the doctor advises against it because he doesn’t want me to have anything on too tight . It has something to do with circulation and blood flow. I do it anyway when i go to church but take it off after i get home.

mizt6961 says:

Nice gifts, that was sweet of Sasha, luv her spirit….Great advice coming from Mr. Lee. Good interview too

DorcoUSA says:

Great video. Thanks for sharing.

Gutheric says:

@npyhmzm yep. i know you were also thought it might be a fake promise. but i can tell you one thing, really lucky that i registered and got my dream fresh products from maybelline for nothing :). i got it from here. you can also try it > bit.ly/W2DfHk?=gtcwnr

prameshwor sapkota says:

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