Week 1 Results – Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Diet Weightloss Video 1

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This video is about losing weight and getting healthy on the Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) diet/ lifestyle. This is my week 1 results.

This diet helps with sugar addiction by cutting out all sugar and carbohydrates and increasing levels of fat for a healthy mind and body.


The last 24 weeks of my 100lb weightloss journey down 60lbs in 24 weeks don’t quit you are so worth it.. remember you didn’t gain weight over night and you won’t lose it over night. Stay dedicated and committed and your results will come ..Good luck and Great health to all
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arjun rana says:

Go Google Ready Set Ripped to learn out how a unique discovery made a
regular guy ripped.

michelle lane says:

I c u! U go girl!!!

marsha thomas says:

my 60 lb weight loss 24 dedicated weeks 40 lbs to go!!!!

Coco J says:


Dixie Scott says:

wow! you are awesome. Thank you so much for allowing us to see your
journey. You have motivated me even more, you are a very beautiful woman .

marsha thomas says:

don’t give up on yourself you can do anything you set your heart to!!!

Cha Cur says:

You are a beast! Truly beautiful story and you work so hard! Keep up the
great work!

Dhan Nuguid says:

Just Go And Google Fat Blast Furnace and you’ll discover why certain foods
‘explode’ in your stomach.

Summer Walters says:

Yeeeees! This is AWESOME. Look at you, in your little black dress. You look

marsha thomas says:

My 100 lb weightloss Journey 2013/2014 60 lbs Dow…:

marsha thomas says:

My 100 lb weightloss Journey 2013/2014 60 lbs Dow…:

Sarah-Jane Simcock says:


Catie and the Bo Peeps says:

Way to go Jenny! I did LCHF for almost a month and seriously had NEVER felt
better in my life! My body was functioning optimally! But, my sugar/carb
addiction kicked my butt during the holidays and knocked me out of my
bliss. I am gearing up to get back on the LCHF track, so I can start
feeling great again. You are an inspiration! Great job! :)

Deb Storybags says:

I have type 2 diabetes. My doctor has been telling me for a few years to
eat low carb. Here’s my problem: I will eat low carb for breakfast and
lunch, but I usually blow all my will power at dinner. Dinner is so hard
for me to eat low carb because my husband likes to eat out. 

jedediahbc says:

Your doing great on the diet, I’ve started on it and hope I do as well as

Courtnay Power says:

Todd is right, your body will soon resist all this low carb stuff

and when it does listen to it

A diet full of saturated fats like ham and cheese can lead to diabetes

and heart disease

low carb is fine as long as there is some fibre from ex:

apples, whole oranges, grains, potatoes

just drop the bread and you’ll be fine

Satnhi Mato says:

It is poss­ible to lo­se 1­0 lb­s na­turally in t­wo weeks, wit­hout
bat­tl­ing with food cravings

(´・ω・`) says:

iv’e been doing low carb moderate fat diet and i notice a great improvement
in my weight and my back pain went away. i’ll try to increase my fat intake
tho and see how that goes

dawntildusk55 says:

Hi Jenny! I’ve done a lot of research on the Ketogenic diet and I’m so
excited for you for learning more about this and sticking with it. I too
am keeping a weekly blog about my journey (I’m on week 8). I’ll be rooting
you on! 

Todd Randall says:

Jenny you sacrifice heart health for a slimmer waistline. You need to set
higher standards for yourself. Stop harming yourself Jenny. Get on a low
fat plant based diet. You’ll lose lots of weight and your heart will begin
to heal.

Sylvia King says:

It takes 4 – 10 weeks for your body to adjust to a low carb diet. You have
to wait for you insulin levels to drop before your body uses fat as fuel.
On a very low carb high fat diet you must also take potassium and extra
salt or you will feel very tired all the time. This is important. 

George Varey says:

You’re pretty

J Le says:

How are you doing ? I just started Monday

kpop krazy says:

Can you all hop of her dick? Like damn let her do whatever she fucking

Prajapati Burston says:

It’s best to regularly monitoring your weight, setting realistic goals
getting helps from family and friends to lose excess weight safely and

DebbieJo Lederer says:

I am addicted to sugar like that too –this is second attempt and on day 5
—-down 5 pounds and feel so much more in control—HF/LC

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