Weight Loss- Diet Pills Supplements And Vitamins

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Weight Loss- Diet Pills Supplements And Vitamins

**/***/**Dont Forget To Thumbs Up and Comment Lov Ya**/***/** Yerba Prima Psyllium Whole Husks GNC Psyllium Seed Husk Cayenne Capsules Oxyelite Pro Coconut oil- www.doctoroz.com B12 Cod Liver Oil- codliveroilbenefits4sale.net Dislikes MultiVites one a day women’s active metabolism A Guide Through My Journey www.youtube.com Fragancenet fragrance.tellapal.com use code FRIEND15 to get a extra 15% off Buy your Weight lost supplement or Vitamins and get 10.00 off at vitacost tiny.cc (you have a register to get the coupon in you email) Save 1%-50% when ever you shop online- www.mrrebates.com?refid=564319 Sigma Brushes- http Coupon STAR2012 for june for 10% off Hautelook- www.hautelook.com Where to find me www.myfitnesspal.com/plussizekimonica www.facebook.com/kimonica28 www.twitter.com/plusizekimonica www.beautylish.com/creativekimonica


thembiwoulddowhat says:

“ya booty gon’ be burning” — you are so crazy lol

BeautyDiva100 says:

Thanks for this video! I can’t take multi vitamins either for the same reason. I will be checking out the cayenne capsules though.

1disckjockey says:

hi just started watching these and i wanted to know if you did this all natural?

PlusSizeKimonica says:

the pills that i show are the pilled that i used i haven had any surgery

Ashley Collins says:

Please DON’T take phentermine diet pills although it does make you lose weight which is a plus but the side effects behind it isn’t worth it! I regret those pills so bad!

uneeddiscushion says:

i did google the husks and it said blackstrap molasses is a good carrier for them, and that also provides some nutrition

msteetee81 says:

Hi queen! Since you have started taking skinny fiber are u also still taking the canyenne fruit capsules? If so how are u taking it?! Thank u for sharing

PlusSizeKimonica says:

no maam i wasnt takin them together

harami hasan says:

Sup, have you heard of the Fat Blast Lifestyle? (look for it on google). My mom told me it helps people get thinner easily.

atanu090928 says:

Hello, have you considered this thing called the Fat Blast Furnace? (Google it). My buddy says it helps people burn fat.

Vo Thuong Thi says:

Hey, have you heard of this method called the Fat Blast Furnace? (google it). My dad says it helps people lose weight faster.

dollladie says:

If there is chromium in your Oxi pills and also in that Womens multi (the one for metabolism), that might be what made you jittery – taking too much chromium per day. In other words, you can do one or the other – I just found that out the hard way. I actually am on a prescription pill that I take 1/2 each morning. I might consider the OxyElite in place of that when it runs out. I also get a B12 shot each week. You’re totally inspiring.

RegeneSlim LoseWeight says:

this is awesome, you need more views!!!

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