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Many people just think of weight loss as just losing weight but there’s so much more involved with it. Metabolism in order to be successful at losing weight you need to have a fast metabolism rate it will help you lose weight quicker and burn more fat.

What is the difference between slow and fast metabolism rates?

A slow metabolism rate means a person burns fewer calories and will gain more weight and body fat over time whereas a person with a fast metabolism is able to burn more calories and lessen the amount of the weight you gain and will be able to keep a leaner figure.

How do you get that faster metabolism rate?

Well there are certain things you can do to improve your metabolism for example exercise can make a big difference being more active will help you burn more fat and calories quicker but will also help whilst resting and sleeping you will still burn more calories because your basic metabolism rate is high. But just becoming more active will help overall and losing weight will also increase your bmr because the more body fat that is stored it lessens the rate.

What causes a slower metabolism rate?

You’ve heard the saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day well its true believe me skipping meals does not help it only slows it down and you gain more weight from personal experience i’ve tried skipping meals thinking the more i don’t eat the more weight i will lose its the wrong direction to go in you will get opposite results to what you want. Eating throughout the day will help because your metabolism is ongoing just snacking briefly between meals.

3 Basic Rules of building a better metabolism rate

– Don’t skip meals eat 5 small meals a day and snack between meals healthy snacks for example fruit.
– Become more active and exercise even by just doing simple things cleaning the house, walking the dog, hoovering and walking instead of driving will help and make a big difference.
– Exercising around morning will get you off to a good metabolism rate throughout the day.

Weight loss is such a big topic and so many people are wanting to lose weight and there wanting to lose weight the quickest way they can but building up a good metabolism rate is the first step to being successful at losing weight a slow one is whats stopping us from losing weight but gaining more.

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