Weight Loss Journey Transformation Before and After Time Lapse

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Current Picture: As of 2/1/10


Almost started a year ago!


About 8 months ago I began my weight loss journey, through hard work, an extreme diet, and motivation I was able to lose the weight! Pretty much cut out the junk food, sugar, sodium, soda, beer, and eating out and work your ass off and you will see results. Eat right, eat veggies and fruits and watch what your eating! If I can do it, so can you!

Here is my weight loss transformation before and after pictures !!


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Kyle Wilson says:

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Gabriel Ramos says:

Good job

Radu Cioratanu says:

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matt toronto says:

nice video bro, very inspiring 

weczi says:

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Graeme Pae says:

Well done. Correct tune :)

Marcus Or Nah says:

Pause @ 0:53, there’s a face on his right poster

Madusanka Ranasinghe says:

I have lost 10 kgs in 2 weeks following a healthy lifestyle thanks to

emory campbell says:

why would i mute? I love this song

jimmy conway says:

Amazing my friend great salut for you now hit the gym bar brothers

BroXiFleX says:

great Job!! time for me to make a lifestyle change. thnx for sharing.

mike hellegering says:

music = mute

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